Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 in Summary

I feel much better since my last post. I had lunch with a friend, SA-F, at Panera who I haven't seen since graduating high school (5 years ago, o.O). Whereas my life has been straight as the arrow flies, hers has been less than ideal. She's had quite some time throughout her undergrad years and then took a year off to work, I think. She couldn't get into any Bachelor's of Nursing programs, and so will be doing an Associate's of Nursing first. I hope she eventually continues with her Bachelor's and hopefully her Master's after that. I wish her the best of luck. Maybe one day we'll be working side-by-side, who knows.

It was really really really nice to get out of the house and talk to a friend. We talked from lunch until almost dinnertime, lol. I think she was relieved to finally have an intelligent conversation with someone (apparently, the customers where she works can sometimes be idiotic). A good conversation, some laughs, and some fresh air and sunshine (must've been the first time in weeks) was what I really needed.
And now, as many other bloggers have done, 2008 in summary:

(My mind thinks of the year in three parts: Winter Semester, Summer, and Fall Semester.)

Winter Semester (January - April)
- Taught a class (mini-course) to a small group of freshman on HIV/AIDS with my best friend, JW-M
- Felt the closest thing to "true" (aka, clinical) depression. :(
- Came out to the person I had a crush on (didn't even realize until too late), RZ-F. She didn't believe that I was bi. I still think she doesn't.
- Came out to JW-M. He was great about it, I just wish I had talked to him more about it.
- Had 2 med school interviews - crapped the first, rocked the second.
- Applied to 1 grad school (public health).
- 4.000'd my final semester of undergrad (first time in all of undergrad).
- Graduated (with Distinction, :D) with my Bachelor's of Science - Biology.

Summer (May - August)
- Worked in my old lab as a lab tech from May till July. Fun times.
- Completely re-designed my experiment (cue made scientist laugh).
- Abandoned my experiment before it was completed; I was sick of it after 3 years and just wanted to go home for the summer.
- Organized a volunteer trio/quartet together to play in the hospital lobby for about 2 months.
- Arranged Tetris for strings & piano instrumentation (such happy music, :D).
- Got accepted to grad school (public health).
- Got accepted to med school (albeit, delayed admission to the entering class of 2009).
- Started talking to a bunch of "new" bloggers online. :P

Fall Semester (September - December)
- Started grad school.
- Started work in a new lab - this time in genetic cancer epidemiology (used to work in human genetics).
- Went to go see my friend's, JR-M's, 30-minute movie.
- Met two bloggers in person.
- Got intimate with someone (a guy) for the first time, which entailed:
-> Kissing for the first time
-> Giving a handjob for the first time
-> Getting a handjob for the first time
-> Giving a blowjob for the first time
-> Getting a blowjob for the first time
-> Showering with someone (non-relative) for the first time
- Talked to a few more bloggers online. :)
- Got a grad student instructor (GSI) position for next semester; hence I'll get a tuition waiver and about $8000 as stipend. :D
- Had lunch with a friend, SA-F, who I haven't seen since graduating high school.
In retrospect now, quite a bit has happened this year (though it didn't always feel like it). It's surprising what happens in a year, isn't it?


naturgesetz said...

A lot has happened in your life, for sure.

I hope 2009 will be a happy year for you.


EM said...

As you yourself realized, lots have happened to you this year. Then think how much more exiting things that will happen during 2009!!

justabamaguy said...

Hey there...I haven't forgotten to get you that recipe...and I do appreciate you sending it to me. I've been a little out of pocket with eye surgery. Hope 2009 is the best ever for you as you grow, learn, and get to where you want to be. I wish you much happiness!!

mstpbound said...

congrats on all the great things that have happened this yr! :) hope you come around to home base in ur person life nxt year, haha.

Anonymous said...

I want to hear more about that part in the middle of Fall quarter. :P

Yeah, I know what you mean. When I was writing mine, I was like...WOW! Wow... There was so much that went on, it seems like it's been 3 years.

letopho said...

What?! You shower with your relatives?!

Seth said...

Have a wonderful, safe, happy New Years Eve, and may 2009 be a much better year!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I showered with my family when I was really young. I mean, not all at once, lol. But I think I've been in the shower with most of them.

As Dane Cook says, I would think, I've got basic cable, but they had the whole shebang, XD. But yeah, I don't that's an uncommon thing.

Aek said...

naturgesetz, EM, mstpbound, Seth: Thanks!! :D

James: Yeah, it's surprising how much happens in a year, right?!

justabamaguy: It's okay. I hope your eye's healing up well!

letopho: What James said. I showered with my brothers when we were really really little. I don't really remember doing it, but I know it happened. :P