Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Max at Well I gotta say, Being gay is... recently invited people to ask him questions for his celebrated 200th post! One of the questions I asked him was: "What 5 questions would you ask me?" So here are my answers:

1. Can I see a pic of this Terrible hair of yours? I don't buy it.
I actually gonna defer this here. I sent Max an email that he needs to follow up on in order to get the answer he's looking for, lol.

2. Most pleasurable sexual encounter/craziest (whichever is a better story, haha).
Considering I've only had one sexual encounter which happened about 4-5 years ago (sad, I know), I guess I'll talk about that. So I'd been chatting with a blogger for about a year (his blog is no longer active and I think he started a new blog, but I forget the URL). He happened to be in town a few days for a conference. So we decided to meet/hook up, lol.

Being my first time (but not his), I was kinda tense/nervous but he put me at ease pretty quickly. It was my first time touching another guy's dick and giving a blowjob; it felt similar yet quite different than mine, mostly because he's cut and I'm not. It was also the first time anyone's touched me in any kind of sexual way. Him touching my dick (and particularly my foreskin) sent jolts throughout my body. I'd felt nothing like it before and nothing quite like it since. I must say (and I probably speak for many/most uncut guys out there), him tugging my foreskin back and forth was probably one of the most pleasurable parts.

We proceeded to give each other blowjobs. He probably blew me for over half an hour or so before I came. I felt so close the whole time but couldn't quite go over the edge. Whoever said uncut guys cum too fast lied, lol. I came in his mouth and he swallowed. I then returned the favor but he wanted to finish off by wanking, and he came in huge spurts that went over his shoulders and splattered my wall! I had to wipe off his cum pretty quickly before it dripped down to my sheets and all, lol.

3. Last song you played on your iPod/computer/mp3 player?
The last song I played on my iPod was something from Pandora. I don't remember what it was specifically, but it was some movie soundtrack from The Lord of the Rings, Inception, Star Trek, or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or something like that.

The last song I played on my computer is the following:
Steven Sharp Nelson - Carol of the Bells (for 12 cellos)

4. Your favorite pair of underwear.
Hmm. Well, my favorite type of underwear are boxer-briefs (unless I'm doing cardio exercise, then I prefer boxers to "air out" a bit, lol). Oh! My favorite pair of underwear are these kinda seasonal dark blue boxers with white outlines of evergreens and houses.

5. Top! Or bottom, or whatever in between you prefer, or none at all!
Hmm. I've had no direct experience with either topping or bottoming, haha. I can safely say I'd have to try both before I can definitively decide which I'd prefer. I suspect I may like bottoming a little more . . . but I know I can't take dicks as big as Max can. ;-)


Max said...

really AEK really? lol

Aek said...

Really what? o_O?

Max said...

Now I just sounds like a actually not that far off :/

fan of casey said...

Aek: You need to get out and have more sexual experiences, consider it "supplemental" medical training for you. All in the name of science. Haha!

Mind Of Mine said...

Aek, the story of your first sexual experience was totally hot. My first time was in a park and I remember the intense feeling of just being close to hard dick.

Seth said...

Have a wonderful happy holiday season!! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

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