Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Have Return from Death

Okay, so I took my USMLE Step 1 exam last Thursday. It was a beast. 15-minute tutorial followed by 7 one-hour blocks of 46 questions and a 45-minute break that can be divided up however one wants. It was going alright until I encountered a heart sound question that required audio and . . . the audio on my computer didn't work. T.T That threw me for a loop. Good thing there was only 2 questions that required audio.

Overall I think I did alright. Hopefully, with some luck, I met my target of getting a score of 225+ (national average is usually between 220 and 223). There was a moment in the middle of the exam that I wondered whether or not I'd pass it, but apparently that's pretty much how most people feel coming out of that exam.

And with that, walking out of the exam dazed, I have returned from Death!
On Saturday I met up with Drew for coffee. I had promised that I'd get him coffee for his birthday that was about a week earlier. We chatted for a few hours before heading back to his house. His mom and dad were home, which was just a tad awkward for me. We went down into his basement where he proceeded to show me all the music compositions he had written (most of them fragments of would-be melodies).

Then we listened to some classical music on YouTube while I gave him a back rub. For almost an hour. I didn't know that a person could get such knots in their back (I could clearly feel that his muscles had knotted up in ways it shouldn't)! This guy has clearly been under some stress and his boyfriend terribly sucks at giving back rubs.

Man, it sucks that I still like him in a way that's potentially more than just friends. And he's quite happy with his boyfriend, crappy back rubs notwithstanding, lol.
I've been a bum for most of this week and it's great, haha. I had intended to do a bunch of things but I simply haven't gotten to them. Not sure if I will or not. Tomorrow I'm on my way to a friend's wedding in St. Louis. Going to drive down there with another friend. Hopefully everything goes smoothly!