Monday, February 25, 2013

To Hold and Be Held

I had been debating whether to post this or not, but I've decided that I want to remember the event as vividly as I can.  The following will get graphic, so if your sensibilities are easily offended, please skip this post.  I assure you, I will blog again soon.
I met him online months ago, in a forum not unlike this one.  We messaged for a while before we added each other's IM.  I had half-jokingly agreed that if I got an interview in his area, he must visit me and I'd take him on a date.  Sometimes the stars do align, if only briefly.

Several weeks ago I went to an interview near him.  When I arrived at the train station, he was sitting there waiting for me in a black hoodie and jeans.  He was thinner and slightly shorter than me with dark brown hair, mesmerizing grey eyes, and a short goatee.  We first stopped by my hotel to drop my things off then went to a nearby Thai restaurant for lunch - his first time having Thai food.  Afterwards we went to a local natural history museum; I totally geeked out and I think he was amused by it all, haha.  It was a tiny museum and so we decided to stop for coffee on our way back to my hotel.  We chatted for a while over our coffee - him a mocha, me a chai latte.

There were still several hours before my pre-interview evening event, so we headed back to my hotel to see if there was any good movies on.  As he flipped through the channels, I positioned myself behind him to give him a back massage.  He had been so stressed lately and there were so many knots in his back - there were knots in places I didn't know a muscle could knot!  I began on his shoulders and kneading his upper back, working the knots out.  As I moved down, I found knots between his ribs and in his lower back.  At this point he laid on his stomach so I could get better access to his lower back.  I got a bit daring and went further, massaging his butt and upper thighs - wouldn't you have known, he had knots there too (somehow)!

I gave him a thorough massage for a good 30 minutes or more before he sat up.  He leaned back into me until we were both lying on our backs on the bed.  He turned towards me and wrapped his arms and legs around me like a koala to a tree, and laid his head in the crook of my neck.  I rested my head on his, smelling his hair.  To hold and be held like this, to cuddle, was such indescribable pleasure and relaxation.  As he cuddled I stroked his back and arms with my arm that was wrapped around him.  This guy really loved cuddling.  It's on par with a little kid/toddler in the amount and quality of physical affection, and it was awesome to hold and be held like that.

With my other arm, I stroked his chest, his stomach - first over his shirt then under.  Then I moved my hands down to his hip and around under his boxer-briefs to grab his fuzzy butt a few times.  He didn't object.  To test the limits of this, I moved my hands around to the front until I felt the head of his cock, already hard and completely wet with precum.  I massaged it a bit with my fingertips until he rotated himself till he was on top of me.  He undid his belt and unzipped his jeans, the tip of his cock peeking above his underwear.

He leaned in for a kiss.  It was awkward at first on my end, as it has been a really long time since I had kissed anyone.  As we kissed I had my hands on his cock, giving it a few strokes.  He then took off his shirt, pants, and underwear, revealing his entire cock for the first time.  It was one of the most beautiful uncut cocks I had ever seen - he was so hard that his foreskin had pulled back entirely.  He claimed it was about 6.5" but it looked closer to 7" and was quite thick.  He leaned in to kiss again before reaching into my pants to find my cock hard and wet with precum (I don't usually precum much, unless I'm very aroused - which I was).  He undid my belt, pulled off my pants, gave my cock a few strokes, pulled back my foreskin and put my cock in his mouth.

He knew what he was doing, sucking and licking my foreskin in such an oh-so-exciting way.  He stroked me a bit before I had him lie back to return the favor.  I gave his cock a good squeeze and saw a large drop of precum bead at the tip.  I pulled his foreskin over and licked the tip in circles before pulling it back and tried to suck as much of his cock as I could.  I put my tongue between his foreskin and the head and licked in circles, causing him to moan a little.

At some point he was above me and we tried to 69 . . . it was hilariously awkward because we couldn't quite coordinate ourselves.  We mostly ended up sucking and playing with each other's balls and asses for a bit.  He had me stop a couple times because he was close to cumming, so I paused while he kept going on me.  I would've given myself completely over to him had he a condom on him.

Maybe an hour later I was close to cumming.  It's weird being on the edge of cumming but not quite being able to because someone else is in control and they switch it up between oral and different strokes just as you're about to go over the edge.  It had been a week since I had gotten off (not much time what with the constant traveling, dining, and interviewing) and I was soooo sensitive.  When I started to cum, it came out like a flood - it gushed with each spasm but in between it felt like cum was still pouring out.  One of the best orgasms I've had.

He had laid himself across me in such a way that my cum splattered his chest.  It was my turn to return the favor.  Soon he was moaning and riding the same edge that I had just been - almost there but not quite.  Finally I got him over and his cum sprayed all over.  I teased his cock head a bit - knowing it'd get super sensitive post-orgasm - until he told me to stop.  We cuddled for a little bit in the afterglow before quickly deciding that we should shower and clean up, haha.

He decided to spend the night with me after my dinner with the residents rather than drive back home.  We cuddled in bed for a while as we chatted and got sleepy.  We crawled under the sheets and he wrapped himself around me.  It felt nice, but . . . I failed to realize how warm another human body could be.  So I kind of overheated haha, and the AC/heater unit thing was making such a racket all night that I barely got any good sleep.  That said, I tried to cuddle every chance I could get without overheating (it's surprisingly awkward to sleep next to someone if you don't position yourself just so).

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

新年快乐!  恭喜发财!  身体健康!!

Happy Chinese New Years everyone.  The Year of the Dragon now gives way to the Year of the Snake.
Apologies for the lack of posts of late.  Transitioning from interviewing and vacation back to rotations is tough, and to a surgical sub-internship no less!  My hatred for surgery is nowhere near as intense as it was last year, though my . . . displeasure for surgery is 90% in the hours (specifically how early I have to wake up).

That said, this surgery site is pretty chill all things considered.  I love taking the surgeries that don't have a resident in them because I get to be first assist and do more (and see more).  The attending surgeons here let me do a fair bit more than I was allowed to as an M3 last year.  I can see how one would love doing surgery; however, I still hate waking up before 5am and standing for hours on end putting strain on my lower back.  I should start doing some yoga . . .

More posts coming up soon (hopefully).  I have an unfinished one drafted.