Monday, June 17, 2013

An . . . Interesting Start

A few updates are in order I do believe, lol.

1.  Moved across the country!!  Changed my driver's license, car registration, and car plates to this new state.  All within 3 hours (the DMV lady who helped me was SUPER understanding and helpful).

2.  Visited my relatives!  I had my car shipped to my grandpa's place ahead of me so I didn't have to drive across country.  That would've been brutal!  Visiting relatives is fun, I like hanging out with my little cousin here.  My grandpa is just now really seriously starting to push that I be in a relationship and hopefully marry in the near-ish future, before he gets too old and such . . . sigh.

3.  Moved into a new apartment!  It's nice having a 1-bedroom apartment to yourself.  I actually think this apartment is somewhat larger than my old 2-bedroom, 1.5-bath that I shared with my roommate in med school for 4 years, lol.

4.  Met my co-interns!  My co-interns are all super nice and funny people.  And they don't take themselves too seriously, which is good considering we're all pediatricians, haha.  Definitely a group I can see us bonding together and hanging out with during our (borderline non-existent) free time.  Only thing is that most (all?) of them are either married or in long-term relationships, so the significant others will be a major factor in our social gatherings.  I really need to get on that . . .

5.  Had an . . . interesting start to orientation.  We had PALS (pediatric advance life support) training the first 2 days.  On the first day, 6 of us (half the intern year, mind you) came back from lunch about 5 minutes late and the mean stickler instructor lady refused to let us back in.  She told us we had to reschedule and pay for it out-of-pocket . . . that's $250!!  She was totally being unreasonable.  Our program coordinator tried her best to help us sort out the situation and when the Chair of the Pediatrics Department found out how poorly she treated us, he was furious.  It's likely that the program won't be using them next year . . .

6.  Haven't talked to my friend (mentioned in post here) for a LONG time.  I miss chatting with him.  He's out of school for the summer and started a summer job that leaves him tired at the end of the day.  I frequently see him online for short periods of time, but he rarely responds to my messages or texts anymore.  In fact, we haven't chatted in almost a month!  Not for a lack of trying on my part.  I know he's also busy with a few other things, including hanging out with his close friends who're also out for the summer, but still - it kinda hurts.  It really does feel like he's ignoring me as much as he can.  I've decided to just back off for the next few weeks/months and see if he comes around.  Hopefully so, because I do miss chatting with him.  :-(

Phew!  I think you're more or less up-to-date now.  Why're all the girls I'm interested in either married or in long-term relationships, and all the guy's I'm interested in so far away (aka another state/country)?!?!  Sigh.