Saturday, August 8, 2009

On To the Next Stage

Well, here I am in another state in a new apartment about half a mile away from the medical school. I arrived here Thursday night around 11pm and I'm nearly done unpacking, just a few stray items that I'm not sure where they should go. My apartment's much nicer than the last 3 apartments I've lived in. I hope my roommate and I get along great and neither of us will move for the next 4 years (I'm a little tired of moving around every year).

This move was unlike any other move. It was actually a bit difficult emotionally. Now, I'm not generally an emotional person, but tears welled up in the corners of my eyes as I packed my things earlier this week. It seemed that almost everything I touched had some lingering memory attached to it. Notes for this class, that paper I wrote, that picture I never finished drawing, that concert program, that sheet of music, etc. Everything reminded me of my last 5 years at the same university institution - the good, the bad, the friends I made, the classes I took, the professors I had, the fun I had. Truly this was goodbye.

I've always wondered why people cried at graduation, clinging to each other and embracing hugs, sobbing while trying to smile for final pictures. Now I have a small sense of what that is like. It's difficult to describe; but by leaving some things behind, by "discarding" some memories, it feels like a part of one's soul is fractured and left behind. I've lived in this one Midwestern state for the last 18 years. I've wanted to leave, perhaps escape, for a while now. I had looked forward to this day but now that it's here, it makes me sad.

Now it's time to move on. I'm not sure how much I can call this place home, but I guess home is where I am. On to the next stage, on to med school. It's only 4 years, and then to somewhere else (hopefully). Time to find my bearings, rediscover balance, and tackle everything thrown my way.
Now for a completely different topic (because I'm too lazy to make a second post right away), a few YouTube vids that I found/was linked to by friends.

Clutter by Ronald Jenkees

This is actually a pretty cool song. It's a very ambient kind of music. I particularly like it at about 1:48 minutes in when a violin melody enters, and again at about 2:26 minutes in when the cellos bear down on their lower notes (it's a little hard to hear without good speakers/headphones).

Viva Forever

An online friend linked this to me a week or so ago. I thought it was really cute, so watch it. :)

Did You Know?

This vid is a bit of an eye-opener. It's really cool, and just a tad trippy once you absorb it all.

I'd like to say farewell to the blog Southern Inebriation. However, the author, J, started up a new blog called Be Kind Cali. So head over and check out this new iteration.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say, I know those feelings as well. *hugs*

naturgesetz said...

I always hate leaving. When you've called a state home for 18 years and a university for 5, it must be really hard to leave it behind. I hope you have good experiences that will give good memories from med school.

Seth said...

Huge changes in your life, I wish you the best, and please keep us posted!!



Steevo said...

I like new stuff. Except husbands. LOL

I am kinda excited for you... and me in a way. As I told you in IM today, in my next life I want to be 2x *or more?* as smart and go to med school. I want to be so smart it is easy to remember all that shit u gotta know. So I'll get vicarious fixes from you.

Then I wanna make sick people well.

I also want to be filthy rich so I can own and run a [plant] nursery. Hire lots of people to raise great plants and sell them cheap! I'll boss everyone around and make sure they do stuff right. But I'll be nice and seriously overpay them and they wont mind. Call me "Patron"! [may need a 3rd life]

hugs we all lub u....

s in cali

Fer said...

Hi Aek, I realize we don't know each other b/c I'm really new in this community and be sure I'm looking forward to making the appropriate introduction but for now I just want to wish you all the luck and the very best in your new school, is not easy to become a M.D. and there might be times were there's too much to learn, but you know you're not alone, I've noticed a lot of people sending you their best wishes, all those people who care for you are there for you and I'm in that group too, for I really wish it to you from the bottom of my heart

Being a doctor as I said is not easy but it does not come without it's rewards, I know I want to become a psychologist to be able to help people with their problems, but what better help can you give someone than that called the gift of life.

Wish you all the luck and happiness in this new moment in your life and know that you can count on your friends any time and you should count me in there too.

Shane said...

On the bright side, I'm sure you'll make many meaningful memories in the next 4 years.

Also, thanks for the youtube clips, they were great!

Mike said...

Sounds like the apartment is GREAT. YAY! You deserve it after hearing about some of the stuff you told me about last year.

Hope this new chapter in your life is amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm woefully behind on reading and commenting and all that jazz... and I think the good stuff has already been said, along with posted tributes on other blogs... so can I just say this? Hurry up and get licensed already - some of us bloggers are getting old and need a REALLY GOOD, REALLY YOUNG, REALLY ATTRACTIVE doctor to take care of us!