Sunday, March 6, 2011

Defeated & Scattered

I had a pharmacology exam last week. It was brutal. Memorizing 200+ drugs - how they work, what they work on, what they're for, when not to take them - is brutal. There was one question where I literally wrote: "I forget and I give up. I'd rather admit this than make up a drug like loperamine." And then I drew a sad face. With a single tear.

Yes, I felt defeated. I still kinda do. I'm tired and I'm scattered. My desk is a mess (it's an accurate reflection of my current state) and I haven't felt motivated to clean it up. And for the first time all semester, I didn't work out 6x/week (P90X) consistently. :-/

There are many things I should do. There are many things I have to do. But I can't seem to remember what most of them are right now. ::Thinks::

Haven't met Drew yet. I'm not sure when/if that'll happen. He's busy, I was busy. He's apparently been dating a couple of guys (sigh), but it seems none have what he's looking for in a relationship. Perhaps I'll have better luck? (At least I got his address . . . he had wanted an impromptu back-rub and to give a bj that I refused - why? I'm not sure.) I've told him either Monday or Wednesday this week would work for me, or else I'm calling him out on a Saturday after Spring Break (next week for me - excited to go home!). Let's see how he responds.
Anyway, in other news . . .

Zheng Lab - Bad Project (Lady Gaga parody)

I found this hilarious. I could sympathize with the person in there (having worked in similar labs before). And I love how her dresses were made of lab materials, lol.

Tonight I'm Frakking You

This is hilarious as well. I think the person in the Princess Leia cos-play is pretty attractive, haha.


Mike said...


It sounds like you have a ton on your plate right now. Keep your head up!

Phunk Factor said...

Pharma is a real killer...i've had to deal with it last year...srsly wanted to cry after the takes just one drug name to forget n ur a hot bet wud be to stick to it and give it a read every single day!

naturgesetz said...

It will be interesting to find out what the prof's reaction is to that answer. I hope you'll tell us, if it isn't too bad.

I can't even imagine memorizing 199+ drugs. In real life, I suppose you can look these things up, but you've got to have some idea what to look up.

And the good news is that with all the drugs that get developed and all the ones that get recalled, by the time you're practicing, loperamine might not be available anyway. ;)

Earl Grey said...

ugh, that sounds rough, i couldn't imagine the stress coupled with all your other commitments...

and hopefully you and this guy are a match!

all the best

Steve said...

Gah 200? That's quite a long list. I've become pretty interested in pharm. in the past year or so but I'm not even in healthcare! I'm sure it wasn't as bad as it seemed at the time, enjoy your break and rest you mind a little!

J said...

This reminds me of a story a friend of mine told me about his first year in law school. He was asked to state the Rule in Shelly's Case and apply it to an example property conveyance. ( Shelly's Case is an English common law precedent governing real property conveyances that has largely been abolished. ) His response was, "All blythe spirits deserve to be free." In my estimation that response deserved an A. Hang in there, because you are a survivor.

Aek said...

Mike: I don't really have a ton on my plate right now, per se, it's just that what I DO have on my plate is rather tiring.

Phunk Factor: I like learning about the drugs. Because I will one day use them, so I really should know them! It's just that there are so many and it kinda crushes you. >.<

naturgesetz: Her reaction was rather lack-luster, IMO, haha. All she wrote was "Sorry." Whatever.

Earl Grey: I hope I get to meet him in person in the first place, lol!

Steve: Yes, that is a long list. For this next exam, I think it's about 150ish (so almost as bad). Pharm is pretty interesting, I agree. It's just tough. Alas, I'm going to have to use a good chunk of my break to catch up in classes and studying. T.T

J: I think all professional schools probably have similar experiences, only the subject matter changes.