Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

新年快乐!  恭喜发财!  身体健康!!

Happy Chinese New Years everyone.  The Year of the Dragon now gives way to the Year of the Snake.
Apologies for the lack of posts of late.  Transitioning from interviewing and vacation back to rotations is tough, and to a surgical sub-internship no less!  My hatred for surgery is nowhere near as intense as it was last year, though my . . . displeasure for surgery is 90% in the hours (specifically how early I have to wake up).

That said, this surgery site is pretty chill all things considered.  I love taking the surgeries that don't have a resident in them because I get to be first assist and do more (and see more).  The attending surgeons here let me do a fair bit more than I was allowed to as an M3 last year.  I can see how one would love doing surgery; however, I still hate waking up before 5am and standing for hours on end putting strain on my lower back.  I should start doing some yoga . . .

More posts coming up soon (hopefully).  I have an unfinished one drafted.


naturgesetz said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you!

They're letting you do stuff in surgery? Should we be very afraid? LOL

Wouldn't it be easier for all concerned if they just began 2 hours later? Having to show up at 6 a.m. is no piece of cake for the patient either. (Although getting home at 10:30 wasn't bad.)

Aek said...

Yup, they let me do some things in surgery. It's okay, I'm not allowed to do any "critical moments" of the surgery and never without the attending surgeon across from me.

Showing up at 6am is late! Thing is we have to "round" on the patients before the first surgery of the day (usually starting at 7:30am). And med students have to come in even earlier to do some grunt work.

Biki said...

Ugh! Up early is nasty evil mean, why the world insists on being productive when its still dark is beyond me.

Yoga would be a good thing for all of you, not just your muscles, but your emotional happiness as well. I'm sure you are super busy running to respond to the demands of your career, taking some quiet time to de-stress and relax can only be a help. Keep a sharp eye out on your eating habits and dont fall into the trap of eating crap food, as it will lower your stamina.

madmanMD said...

yea surgery sucks...i'm glad my school didn't make a surgery sub-i mandatory in 4th year!