Sunday, April 7, 2013

First Time

Welp, no longer a virgin anymore I suppose.  It was meh.  But perhaps I should backtrack.

Yesterday, a (gay) friend visited me who I haven't seen in almost a year.  I've known him for probably 4-5 years or so.  He's in the process of moving out of his town to literally halfway across the globe, so I insisted that he visit me before he left the country.  We had also flirted/bantered online back and forth about all this (sex), so none of it is any surprise.

So anyway, long story short, we had brunch, we hung out a bit, we went back to my apartment where I eventually coaxed him.  We wanked each other a bit before I ask if he was up for "something more."  I handed him a condom and lube and asked what he wanted to do - he would top, and I would bottom.

He asked, "Don't you want your first time to be special?"

To which I replied, "Meh, I'm over special.  Plus this is special in its own way."  I've been holding off and waiting for so long, I don't really care anymore.  I'd much rather it be him than some one night stand whose sexual history I know nothing about and will never see/talk to again.

So he put on the condom and lubed up . . . it wasn't enough lube.  It hurt when he tried and I told him to stop.  He applied some more lube and then slowly entered.  It was alright.  He's about 7 inches and somewhat thick.  He slowly ramped the speed of his pounding - I didn't like that too much.  He never hit the good spots (aka, the prostate) for very long back he was going faster; it felt much better when he slowed down.  Eventually I actually kinda got bored and told him to stop, and we'd just wank each other to finish.

He then did this thing to me that he discovered accidentally a while back with some other (uncut) guys.  He just rubbed the bare head with his lubed hand and I was soooo sensitive - he had me squirming and twitching.  It felt tortuously good, but it wasn't the kind of good that gets me to orgasm.  At one point I'm pretty sure I shot out pre-cum, as I felt a spray of something up to my chest and shoulder; it definitely wasn't cum.

After he finished me off, I returned the favor.  I basically tried the same thing he did, but he wasn't anywhere as sensitive (he's cut).  However, when he came and squirted all over he chest - if he hadn't sat up slightly he would've probably shot over his head - I continued to rub his penis.  He suddenly got that post-orgasm sensitivity and I thought I'd repay him for basically doing what he did to me, lol.  He actually grabbed my hand to stop me - too bad he grabbed the wrong hand, muahaha.

So there you have it, my first time.  It was meh.  I suppose it's something to get used to, an "acquired taste" if you will?  Hmm . . . I imagine first-time sex with a woman may be more enjoyable, haha.
My time with the last guy (post here) was way more enjoyable.  I think it was because of all the kissing and cuddling, it just felt way more affectionate.  Oh well, experiences.


Biki said...

Quite often first times are never all that enjoyable. Sex, like most things, take a while to get good at, to enjoy I should say. We have to learn what it is our bodies really adore. It seems like a no-brainer, stick tab a in slot b and every one has a killer orgasm, yeah not so much. Stuff we already engage in alone we know how to tell the other person to do to us for our maximum enjoyment.

Next time you can tell the other person, do it this way, or dont do such-n'-so cause I dont enjoy it. If you ask me cuddling and kissing are often way under rated as foreplay.

fan of casey said...

My first time was "meh" too -- i think I got off more on the idea of getting topped than the actual physical pleasure of it. But you have to start somewhere so hopefully this will not dissuade you from trying again -- maybe it might intrigue you more to find out what you like and you can direct guys to follow your direction.

Mike said...

I think everyone's first time is "meh."

SCalRF said...

Well congrats for reaching the milestone (even if it was "meh")!! :-)

letopho said...

I think passion was the missing ingredient

empty_spaces said...

I think a lot of guys have pretty 'meh' first times. I know my first time was pretty traumatic. With that said, perhaps we all just have a really picture perfect idea of how our first times should be, and when it doesn't live out to be that way and it falls far short of our expectations, we end up dissappointed.

Jeremy Ryan said...

I remember my first time - both oral & anal. I enjoyed the Oral much, much more. Neither time was just "meh". I'm in my 40's and only been with 2 guys. Just lost my partner of 25 years last month, soon to be 2 months. Time moves fast.

In any case, your story was kind of hot and I enjoyed reading about it. Thanks for sharing. I hope that you find that special someone (guy or girl) that makes you pop! They are out there waiting for you.

Sure wish I was young again! :)