Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Officially an MD!! Now What?

Last Thursday: Was hooded by my faculty adviser.  Apparently these academic hoods were useful back in the day (not so much as hoods, but as a means to keep the neck and shoulders warm, and a place to put one's wallet, lol).

Last Friday:  Graduated!!  Now officially an MD, woohoo!!

Last Saturday:  Pack pack pack.  Friend's wedding.  Pack.

Sunday:  Pack pack pack.  Last brunch with friends in town.  Then drive 6-7 hours back to my parents' place.

Today:  Happy Birthday to me!  Well, my birthdays tend to almost always be lackluster, so whatever.  It was pretty chill.  Watched the new Star Trek movie with my brother, that was good.  :-)


fan of casey said...

Congrats! As for now what, be enthusiastic, learn a lot, and keep up your very caring spirit.

Hopefully with these credentials you will attract a lot of available suitors and can have your pick to who to date.

naturgesetz said...

Congrats and Happy Birthday!

SCalRF said...

Congratulations! Happy Bday!

Gill "Biki" Honko said...

Fantastic! Your hood, you graduated and are opening a shiny new birth year!!! This is going to be a stellar year for you.

The new star trek movie was killer good!

Jeremy Ryan said...

Congrats, getting your MD is a BIG deal. I hope that you had a great weekend and that you celebrated your birthday in style!