Tuesday, July 30, 2013

All the Babies!

Sorry for the lack of posting, it's been quite hectic (but manageable, sorta).

I just finished a block of genetics subspecialty outpatient clinic.  Genetics is a fascinating subject as always, and I must say, this block reignited some of my former interest in the field.  I'm not sure if it's enough to make me want to pursue it as a fellowship and career, but it's back on the radar, lol.

In the middle there I did a week of nights.  I got pretty good at assessing normal healthy newborns, haha.  But man there's such a learning curve when you haven't done it in like 2 years!!  I was lucky enough to get some sleep most nights, but the schedule of nights (6:30pm to 7am) is still rough.  Takes a while to adjust and adjust back.

Now I'm in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit).  I was terrified of it at the start, but it actually turned out to be a really nice rotation.  I'm definitely learning a lot about taking care of premature babies, often with other health problems too.  After a while they mostly become "feeders and growers," that is they're just eating to gain enough weight to go home.

Anyway, up until now, the majority of my experience has been with babies.  All the babies!  Haha.  They're pretty cute, I must say.  One just has to get on the good side of their territorial and protective nurses, lol.

I've had the privilege to see some weird and rare things, which is really cool.  I mean things that we should not be seeing because current routine medical care should have picked up these things earlier, but there are always babies that slip through the cracks.  It's quite unfortunate when a baby could be otherwise perfectly normal and healthy sees us and by then it's too late to stop the worst of it.

Anywho, enough rambling.  Must sleep.  6:30am to 7pm schedule is pretty rough too.  Unfortunately that's my schedule for the next several months . . .  As one of my senior residents said to me, "Oh wow, I'm sorry.  But the Lord doesn't give us more than what we can take."  I hope she's right.  Still, I'm soooo glad I'm not a surgical resident.


Biki Honko said...

Switching back and forth can be tricky, are you ok at nights, or are you a day human?

Babies, I don't know what it is with them that makes them so darned adorable, but they are.

Very sad that some babies slip thru the crack and by then its to late to help them be healthy.

You will find your mate, it just hasnt been a priority for you to date or seriously look. Maybe once you become more comfortable with your schedule, you can begin to date?

Herb said...

Wow, those are long shifts when critical thinking is still required at hour 12 still on duty. In news stories over the past couple year I thought Intern's fatigue had been studied and changes made. Please keep up informing us about your career as you give a much appreciated insight we could never get otherwise.
A grateful Herb

naturgesetz said...

That's certainly a demanding schedule. It's always sad when something that could have been prevented happens through human error or failure, but it's part of life.

Hope things continue to go well for you.

Aek said...

Herb: The duty hour limits for interns are up to 16 hours straight. After intern year, that limit goes up to 28 hours. 12 hours is honestly nothing. Tired? Sure. But it's really more an inconvenience to one's personal life than anything.

It's okay, at least I'm not a surgical resident . . . they routinely break the 80-hour work week. I shudder to think.

fan of casey said...


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