Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Adventures Continue

This time it has been 6 months.  The delays in my posts get longer, but life proceeds at its frenetic pace.  And there is much to update y'all on.

1.  Senior Resident
It's been interesting being a senior resident and overseeing the brand new baby interns.  There are 2 overwhelming thoughts: 1.) It's crazy how much I've grown as a resident and as a doctor, 2.) I have a new-found appreciate for my senior residents when I was an intern (and I found myself doing some of the things they did!).  I've also developed an unofficial "rule" for a well-functioning team: the team that laughs together, works well together.  :-)

2.  Fellowship Interviews
For most of September and October, I've been busy with fellowship interviews.  I decided to pursue a fellowship in pediatric rheumatology after all.  There are few fellowship programs in this field and oddly even fewer applicants!  It's not a well-exposed or popular fellowship.  But hey, I guess that works in my advantage.  Here are pics of some places I've interviewed:

 Cincinnati, OH

 Pittsburgh, PA

Ann Arbor,MI

Seattle, WA

3.  Another Away Rotation
Yay another away rotation!  This time in pediatric dermatology because, well, I suck at dermatology.  And knowing some dermatology will be useful for rheumatology in the future.  See if you can figure out where I did my rotation from the following pics:

4.  Match Day
And about 1 week ago, I found out that I matched fellowship in Pacific Northwest.  That's exciting.  I'm a tad annoyed that I didn't match in the Bay Area, as my odds were higher of matching there.  Oh well.  I can't ruminate on this for too long.  I must admit, it's probably the better program.  I was willing to "sacrifice" some career potential in order to be closer to family and focus a bit more on social life, which has been on hold for so long.  But it seems that the universe has other plans for me.

5.  (Lack of) Social Life
Yup.  Still single.  Not for some lack of trying, but maybe I'm just doing it wrong?  Maybe I'll find someone in the area where I do fellowship?  Should I remain always hopeful?  I don't know.


Mike said...

Wow. You're on the verge of great things!!! What prompted rhumatology? I only ask because I never really thought about pediatrics being an issue where rheumatology would play an issue.

Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!!!

I hope, regardless, you find some time for you!!!

Aek said...

I was first exposed to rheumatology as a med student, and I (much to my surprise) found it fascinating then. Most people don't think of rheumatic diseases as affecting kids. But at the root of rheumatology is autoimmunity. So children do get arthritis, and lupus, and other very weird autoimmune conditions that's under the purview of rheumatology.

I like rheumatology because it's one of the few subspecialties that's not limited to an organ system, but rather affects the entire body. It's like primary care on steroids (literally, lol). It's mostly outpatient, which I enjoy, but it has a nice mix of interesting inpatient complexity as well.

I also hope there will be more time for me, haha.

naturgesetz said...

Cincinnati is a great city.

Thanks for the progress report. Glad to hear that things are progressing well with you.

Biki Honko said...

Wow! Busy is to mild of a word to describe how these last months have been spent. Keep your eyes open, you'll never know when the right person will pop up on your radar, and when you least expect it as well.

Fit Studs said...

Golden Gate Bridge, tho... <3

Anonymous said...

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E said...

So, what happened? Where did you end up going? Many curious followers wait with anticipation. :-)

Aek said...

Hey E, it has certainly been a long time. I ended up in Seattle. I'm torn between wanting to stay and wanting to plot my slow escape, lol.

E said...

It has been quite a while. I live in Austin, Texas now. Much has transpired. I'm certain you're a lauded physician now. Escape, huh? I've only heard good things about Seattle. You trying to make it back to the Bay?

Aek said...

Woah! What're you doing in Austin, TX? My brother lives there and I enjoy visiting when I can. Fun fact: I was never from the Bay Area, though I feel my soul is from there sometimes. I miss the sun, which Seattle lacks for 7 months at a time.

E said...

Oh, sorry. I thought you mentioned a desire to practice there. Forgive faulty memory. Apparently turning 30 can do that. I took a tech job out in Austin almost two years ago. I was ready for a change from the throws of life in L.A. But, I'm thinking California is likely where I'll end up after too long. I realize that I've grown particularly fond of it, and I consider it home more than anywhere I've lived.

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