Sunday, July 29, 2007

Nearly Overwhelmed

I want fall semester to start again, now. I'm getting a little antsy, haha. I always love the beginning of fall semester with the start of football season and classes and all. And fall is such a beautiful season anyhow. I'm really going to miss this as my last undergraduate fall semester, I can't believe it's my fourth and last year.

Anyway, I also miss cooking, which might seem weird. At least when I cook, I can actively choose to vary what I end up cooking depending on what I have to work with. At home it's the same things over and over again, there's little variation. Furthermore there's not really any alcohol in my house, none that I'm allowed to drink in any case. And I also don't want to wait until everyone's asleep or gone for me to post on this blog and such. I like my privacy (and even though I have a roommate back at college, he's pretty oblivious, especially with headphones on). And lastly, at home I've next to no social life. What little social life I have is almost exclusively via AIM, as most of my friends aren't from my hometown (and the few that are, aren't home for most of the summer).

So at the moment I'm becoming nearly overwhelmed with so many things. I have 18 applications that I must fill out ASAP, as this'll determine what I do after undergrad. At least 3 of them are already sent out, so I'm off to a start. But there are so many essays, alas. And at work I'm working not only for my boss, but also for a boss in another department. So I'm almost split two ways and they're all giving me so much to do. For a while I didn't mind it so much, because of the "reward" in the end, which is to get published. But now I'm not too sure I can handle it all in a timely manner. Of course I can get everything done, eventually, but that's eventually - not today, not tomorrow, nor maybe even the day after, but sometime. And I've only 2.5 more weeks left at work, so I guess I must speed things up.

And a note to self, I need to sleep earlier.


W said...


Wow 18 grad school applications eh?
I have a quite a bit of research to do in 1.5 weeks and I haven't even started on my applications yet.Bummer!

I am quite jealous you're getting published! What kind of research are you doing?

It's very nice you started your blog. I 've just initiated mine too. Co-incidentally, we both have 10 posts up.

If you'd like to, we can link to each other's blogs and follow each other's journeys.


Aek said...

Actually, I applied to 18 med schools. The research I've done was on breast cancer and hypertension, this summer at least.

I like the idea of linking to each other's blog.