Thursday, August 2, 2007

Nothing of Interest

So I probably won't post much on this blog for a bit, as my life is so routine right now (and for a couple weeks yet) as to be boring. I wake up, brush my teeth, check my emails and random sites that I regularly go to, eat breakfast, and go to work. Work is overwhelming and I'm usually tired when I get home. So I get home, read the news online, surf the internet, work on my application essays, eat dinner, then take a walk or run, then "work" more on my application essays before going to bed.

In fact, Wednesday is the highlight of my week. Every Wednesday there's a seminar for undergrads where the grad students present their work, and there's free pizza. By the way, since I haven't mentioned yet, I work in a pharmacology lab. Pharmacology is basically the study of what drugs and chemicals do to cells. I've worked on breast cancer research in this lab before, and it's pretty cool. Anyway, back to the seminar. The person who "hosts" the seminar series this years is this really hot grad student. And I mean she's HOT. Perfect body - great legs, perfect sized breasts, flat stomach, smart, nice, everything. She even has a really awesome accent (she's clearly not American) but I don't know what kind of accent it is. It could be French, but I don't think so. I've a "thing" for foreign accents.

And she's the kind of person who's so attractive that it can make you feel "unworthy" to be with her (you know what I'm talking about?), not that she's all uppity and whatnot. In any case, she's way out of my league and significantly older than me. No chance, but I'm not complaining; I'm content with just being in the same room as her. At any rate, I've spent too much time basically waiting for love to fall into my lap and take my breath away. Things don't happen like they do in the fairy tales.

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Cody said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. Sigh. So not worthy.