Thursday, December 27, 2007


I had debated somewhat about posting this, as it's sort-of-not-really graphic, but oh so awkward and embarrassing.

Let's see, I couldn't fall asleep the night before last (Christmas night). Don't know why but whatever. So I had trouble sleeping the whole night, though I must've slipped in and out of consciousness because it didn't feel like 5+ hours had gone by.

So I got fed up. I was also getting really warm under the blankets and covers (all 4 layers of them). So I pulled off the layers, took off my clothes, and just laid on my bed naked. Then proceeded to masturbate. It was good. By the time I finished, I had cooled off a bit and was ready to put my clothes on again, pull the blankets and covers over me, and finally get some sleep.

It must've been around 6am or something because I heard my mom get ready for work. Also, I had turned on the lamp next to my bed and that light seeps out the door frame. I should also mention there are like no locks on any of the doors inside my house except on the bathrooms. And of course I laid in my post-masturbation glow or something too long. I hear my mom move near my door and I scrambled to at least cover myself with my clothes, even if I couldn't put them on in time.

The door cracks open a tiny bit, a weird noise escapes my mouth, and it shuts just as fast. Probably no longer than a second. But that second was tense. Also, one can see almost my entire room through just opening the door a crack. But my mom never mentioned anything later that day (yesterday) so I guess she must've closed the door faster than she saw anything, though she might've suspected.

That was close. Too close. Had she opened the door a minute or two earlier she would've caught me at the, uh, height of everything. That would've been much worse. Needless to say, I didn't sleep after that. Blah.

I need to get out of the house again and back in my apartment, where my roommate's gone like 85% of the time. I hope you were entertained by this oh so awkward and embarrassing moment.


Hish said...


Yes, I was entertained. Thank you.

ps: wouldn't it have been faster to just throw the blanket over yourself??

Aek said...

See, the problem with that solution was that the blanket was under me, so I had to somehow flip under it. And my clothes would still be on top. Oh well, all's well that ends well, haha.

W said...

Hahahahaha. I am sure the pleasure was all yours :)

Matt-CNS said...

This illustrates an excellent reason why I wish to leave my house at the moment. I loved living on my own, and the privacy that came with it.

Aek said...

Privacy is very good. :)

Anonymous said...
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Mike said...

I've had one too many of these close calls also. There are only locks on the bathroom doors at my house- not the bedrooms. I've had 3-4 close calls and if my dad knew something was going on, nothing was mentioned.

Glad you were able to get to sleep after this moment of excitement!

B said...

The joys of being at home. We've all had close calls, yet we all still do it. Hey, a guy has needs, right? haha.