Friday, August 22, 2008

The Apartment/Roommate Saga

Okay, things haven't been happy happy in my life this week. I'm amused how this complemented my really happy happy week last week. So let me elaborate on what I now call, the "Apartment/Roommate Saga."

On Monday I called several people who were leasing apartments to schedule a tour of the apartments I'm interested in on Tuesday. I go in on Tuesday and came home with my eyes almost dead set on this one apartment. I eagerly email my Japanese roommate-to-be.

On Wednesday I hadn't heard from my roommate. No matter, he's busy, I understand, I'll just email again. On Thursday I still hadn't heard from him and the person at the leasing office called me to tell me that the one apartment I wanted had just been leased, leaving me with units further away from the all-important bus stop. I email my roommate with this information at once, demanding that he reply to my emails.

On Thursday night he still hadn't replied. I was getting worried and in an instant, my brain went into overdrive and 3 tiers of backup plans flash before my eyes. I contacted someone who I thought might need a roommate, but in the end that option fell through. I email my Japanese roommate with an ultimatum to let me know if he's in or out with signing a lease, as I refuse to sign a 2-bedroom apartment without a sure roommate.

On Friday (today) I waited for hours. The "deadline" of my ultimatum passed and he hadn't emailed me. At this point I was pretty much panicking and going into searching frenzy mode. I found several rooms for rent, a co-op or two with room still, and 3 people who were looking for roommates. I emailed about half of the people/places I found with faint glimmers of hope. At this point my eyes were exhausted and my head hurt a little, and still no resolution to my problem.

Then, about 2 hours after the "deadline," my Japanese roommate emails me favorably. So I go ahead, drive to campus about an hour away with my parents, and signed a lease. It is done. Finally. I emailed him the details and now I wait until I move in Tuesday night (as opposed to Monday, apparently maintenance wasn't finished on that unit). Thus concludes the Apartment/Roommate Saga.

Now, I just need to get my financial aid worked out as well as email my old PI again about the work-study offer she was willing to help me with. Ugh, it never ends! And next week I'll probably have to help my roommate furnish our apartment. This will be amusing, as I intend on living as a minimalist. Why? Because everything I buy I will have to take with me to MCW next August, and I don't want to travel with a ton of crap. I'll be sure to take pics of my minimalist apartment-to-be.

I'm just a little bit bitter and a whole lot frustrated/tired. Thank God for the weekend.


Shane said...

Breathe !!!!
Now do yourself a favour, go to the nearest liquor shop, buy some wine, drink it, sleep. Relax :)

Mike said...

Glad you found an apartment!!! I can only imagine the stress and knots you probably had in your stomach as you waited and waited and had to do all of that work without knowing what would happen.

Glad it is over!

charlie said...

What a thrilling saga! I know how it is, not to find an accomodation is something that makes me really anxious. Fortunately, things often turns right at the end. I hate when people doesn't answer in time, it's really disrespectful and irresponsible when it concerns such important topics, some people are not really conscious that finding a room is not always that easy!

Anonymous said...

I'm praying everything works out for you. I know it's a pain in the rear. Think of it as experience for the future? :P