Monday, August 4, 2008

Random Pics

I'd rather post something more meaningful, but I need to think of what first. That could take a while . . . So instead I'll just post some random pics I found on my laptop when I was preparing to reformat it a few days ago (but thankfully was able to avert such an arduous task). I don't even know where I got most of the following pics from, haha.
I don't know who this is, but he has a cute smile and a hot body.
Wang Leehom smile progression. ::swoons:: lolWang Leehom and his coffee. :P
Hmm, some Jessica Alba pics. Her top is see-through . . .
Now on a totally unrelated note, I simply can't wait until the Summer Olympics start!!

Here are two YouTube vids with English subtitle translations. The first is a "less literal" translation than the second, though the second somehow actually makes it easier for me to understand (and makes more sense, as well as sound more poetic).

Next time I post I'll have something "substantive." Until then, enjoy some of the randomness I found on my laptop.


Hypnos said...

I like that about masturbation and that guy in yellow shit is so so hot... Jessica Alba... OMG, she's perfect girl, so hot, so beautiful... I have million of her images, I saw these one before :)

gay+teen+sydneysider said...

LOL haha i do say the masturbation in showers notice really made me laugh. but yes, masturbating in university owned showers does seem rather strange. new south doesn't have showers accessible to the majority of the student body so i won't be able to experience it for myself :P.

James said...

I like the masturbation one, lol. Not that they could actually identify the students, but it's funny how they think about it anyways.