Thursday, January 15, 2009

This Displeases Me

Argh, not the best week ever. I am displeased. The following displeases me:
  • It's fucking cold here. Right now it says it's -7 F (-22 C) outside, and -23 F (-31 C) with windchill. It's not allowed to be this cold. I may need to start wearing shorts under my pants; in the interim, I'm happy for the advent of the boxer-briefs.
  • I was given the wrong key to the room where my office hours are held. I had to go back to the key office (and trek across what feels like the tundra) and get the right key.
  • The room where the genetics GSIs' office hours are held is really just a hole-in-the-wall closet in the old part of the Chemistry Building. Sigh, such a crappy room.
  • I was woken by my roommate's alarm twice when it went off before 7:30am.
  • I haven't gotten a decent night's sleep since I started classes.
  • Apparently, I've been getting what's called a myoclonic twitch when I go to sleep sometimes. Like, an arm or leg would suddenly jerk and it would feel like I was slipping and falling. Kind of bizarre . . .
  • My body - I haven't made significant improvements in fitness or weight loss within the last year. Still working on it.
  • I haven't gone to the gym much this week because the sole of my left foot hurts (sore), in particular the arch of my left foot. It's a bit better now.
  • I have to take biostatistics. I hate that class SO much, you have no idea how much I hate that class.
  • My roommate's friend, who I'll call annoying Korean girl (AKG). AKG is SO annoying - on Sunday, she banged on our door for like, 3 minutes while yelling out my roommate's name in the hall. My roommate was asleep and I let her in; she just went to his room and woke him up. o.O
Now, for things that please me:
  • My friend JL-M will be in town tomorrow (today). I haven't seen him since graduation last May. We're going to grab lunch together.
  • My friend RZ-F will be coming into town on Saturday. We plan to hang out, cook, and watch a movie with other friends.
  • There is no lab meeting this week! I so hate going to lab meetings, they put me to sleep after the first hour (lab meetings are 90 minutes long).
  • Few people show up at my office hours. Though, I'm glad I was able to help out the few who do.
  • Regardless of how annoyed I get at my roommate, he's a pretty decent guy overall.
Well, this was a rather random post. Oh well. :P


mstpbound said...

seriously, sometimes asians are so fucking annoying. including myself :/ i saw your schedule this semester...shift it up from 8am, and you've got med school in a nutshell! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Is that what that twitch is called? I get that a couple times a month; scares the shit out of me.

For the roommate, I heartily recommend earplugs. It's how I'm surviving.

Note: grad offices are always in the shittiest building, worst part of said building, and most difficult to get to of said building. Eh, it's the natural state of affairs.

Most people won't come to your hours...except right before a test. Then they'll flood the place.

You need to work on falling asleep while looking awake more. Srlsy, it's how I've survived. I have this method of being propped up, my hand covers my eyes, it looks like I'm concentrating on the article really hard. XD

Fiction Writer said...

Eek! I was almost got a detention for calling someone a "myoclonic jerk" during psychology. But the teacher found it funny enough to let it go, despite the fact that it was innapropriate (during the kid's presentation...=P) It sucks. I get it periodically - it's the worst when I've slept weird and then my arm is asleep when it happens cuz you can't feel it and then I sometimes hit myself in the head...oh what a mess.

My weather thing on the computer says -13, weather description is "fair." I say, how do you call that FAIR?! It's warm in some parts of the world, and at least in others it's not BELOW FREEZING.


E said...

Ditto with James! I put hand on forehead and feign concentration.

Sorry about the cold. What ever you guys got you have given to us. It dropped 30 degrees in two days here! And the mofos are talking about it's gonna get colder.

charlie said...

And I was complaining because it's -7°c here... poor you! I have the same with the leg, arm etc. It makes me wake up in a really bad way! I dream that I'm missing a step or anything like that, and my body seems to react exactly if it was really the case.

Good luck for the rest, and have a nice time with you friends!

joshua said...

I second what MSTP said. Argh.

Hope all gets better for you along the way. Noting that the unpleasant list is almost 3 times more than the things that pleases you.

Randomness is cool.

*i am forever failing my epidemiology papers =S

Mike said...

Things can only get better, right? Hope you have a great time with friends! That sounds great!

Aek said...

mstpbound: I know. I'm bracing myself for it when it comes in August for me.

James: Yeah, my friend and I really wanted to know what the name of that twitch was called. I don't think earplugs are ideal, cuz then how would I be able to hear my alarm? And I just need an IV of coffee. XD

Fiction Writer: Oh noes! Don't hit yourself on the head! My old roommate used to do something like that. Argh, I hate single-digit and colder weather. It's so NOT fair.

charlie: It seems to a really common thing for a lot of people. And I think no one really knows why it happens, though I'd certainly like to know. :P

joshua: Thanks! But you know, just cuz there are 3x more things that displease me that please me, doesn't mean that the things that please me please me more than the things that displease me. I hope that made sense. o.O

Mike: Thanks!! It should be a nice weekend for me, or so I'm hoping.

Anonymous said...

Nonono! You CAN hear the alarm through your earplugs. My phone wakes me up and it gets through just fine. Unless you have an unusually soft alarm, then you're fine. It's worth at least a try.

Ian J Brooks said...

Awwwh I love this!

Aek said...

James: Yeah, I like to set my alarm rather quietly . . . but I may look into earplugs nonetheless.

Ian: Haha, I'm glad this post amuses you. :P

J said...

ive been getting those twitches for the last couple of months and i feel like im falling whenever it happens