Saturday, March 7, 2009


The "Intercession" worked, though not necessarily by the design I intended. Aka, I'm back on my research projects. Details to come in the next post.

I want to dedicate this post to some new (and old) blogs and bloggers.

Anyone who follows Razz's blog at Doin' me head in knows he's been having a rough time of late. He seems like an incredible guy and a great bloggers. He needs some positive vibes right now, so head over and say hi and give him a hug.

Landyn at Stuck In The Middle has been having some lows and highs in his life, but right now he's at an all-time high. Head over and help him keep his head up! ^_^

Mirrorboy has started up a new blog, Mirroboy's Words of Win. Should be a good time, I know I'll be reading it.

One of my favorite blogs, Happy to be in my skin, formerly The Real Ugly Duckling, by Shane, has disappeared. :( This makes me sad. Though I've found someone I know who started another blog, Every Little Thing Counts.

I want to redo the look of my blog, perhaps either change the colors or change the template to something else. I don't know yet. Maybe I'll have a little poll about it. What do you guys think? Are you all happy with my current blog look? It feels efficient though a bit cluttered to me. Let me know in a comment.

I swear I will post about China (soon). I will definitely have more than one post on China. But first things first. :P

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Tee said...

Well, frankly, I don't like the colors. There are too many of them.