Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm Back (Unfortunately)!

I'm back (unfortunately) from my week-long trip to China! It was great!! I'll post about it in extreme detail later (it'll certainly span several posts), as it's quite late right now and I should be in bed, and I'm slightly jet-lagged I think. There were SO many things left to do and explore, no one wanted to leave when we did. I'll just say a few things as primers to keep you all interested.

- When I got back to my apartment here in the US, my roommate said to me (after a brief chat), "Now I'm convinced this state makes people depressed. You seem so much happier and smiley after your trip. It must've been great."

- I admit to a slight (and fleeting) crush on my roommate during the trip. For the purposes of the upcoming "China posts" I'll refer to him as DY-M. He's a great guy in almost every imaginable way.

- I met up with someone I haven't seen in almost a year. Don't let your minds wander too far. ;-)

- There was So Much Food. And to quote one of my friends who went on this trip, "The food's so good - too good, food shouldn't be this good." I'd be surprised if I didn't gain at least 5 lbs on this trip, because I sure feel like I did. I have to hit up the gym harder than before now. :-/

- I'm not very good at bargaining. :-/

- This was technically a "business trip." But it felt more like a very very very much needed vacation.

- White wine is NOT white wine in China. Just a warning.

- I had taken 200-300 pictures with my digital camera. That is, until something happened to my SD card. T.T Now I'll have to wait for others to post their pics online so I may pilfer some of them to show you all.


Mike said...

Welcome bacK!!!! Missed chatting you!!! I'm excited to see the pics and hear about the details.

J said...

if its not white wine then what is it

tracy said...

Welcome home, AEK my sweet...i wish you had longer to relax, but hopefully someday! Thanks for the comment on MTSB's (?) blog. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip, but thanks for the "tidbits" for now!

Best always,

tracy said...

oops, MSTP...sorry!

naturgesetz said...

Glad it went well.

Looking forward to your posts with details.

Tee said...

Yay! Welcome back! :D