Thursday, December 24, 2009

Geeked Out

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Not much has transpired since I finished up with exams (and I rather like it this way, for now).

After I went to Michelle's birthday celebration, we went to her house for cake and wine. There I met Alice, a fellow M1. Somehow it came to the topic of how horrible our genetics course was way back in August, and how frustrated we all were with it. I find out her undergrad major was basically in genetics, so we commiserated and felt an instant bond. We probably spent a good hour or two talking about genetics, how it was taught, how it should've been taught, its ethical ramifications, its growing utilization in health care, etc. At one point she was on the edge of her seat as we both bemoaned our dislike for the lab technique called "maxi-prep" (where you take a ton of cells, break them up, and extract the DNA).

Totally geeked out.

Around 7:30pm or so, we decided to hit up the bar crawl that Leslie was organizing. We went to the first place to find that no one in our class was there. o_O We saw 2 guys, so all of decided to go to the second bar early. The second bar was rather . . . avant-garde. Again, no one from our class was there. What gives?! We hang around there for a bit . . . there weren't many people at the bar except for some people in their 30s to 50s that looked like they had went there right after work. At one point several of them started to line dance to something . . . wtf. Well, at least their mango mojito was really really good. :-P

At around 9pm or so, after we had been there for well over an hour, people from our class finally started to show up. Leslie showed up a bit later, all dressed up and rather tipsy already. She bought me a shot of tequila, lol. Then several of us spotted this really really tall guy at the bar. He must've been at least 6'6" if not more. Several times people would whisper (insofar as much as one could whisper in a bar) how they wanted to go up to him and ask him if he had Marfan's syndrome . . .

Totally geeked out.

Lastly, I was chatting online with my friend JW-M (I'll call him . . . Jake) from undergrad. For about 3 years now, Jake has been trying to get me to sign up for Steam, an online gaming vendor of sorts. He bought me 2 games on Steam, Torchlight and Jade Empire. He knew I'd never play these games or get Steam unless he did something like getting it for me, lol. Truthfully, I haven't really played any PC games since starting med school - maybe a little bit here or there right after an exam. :-/

Anyway, now I'm pretty much addicted to Torchlight. It's a "dungeon crawler" very similar to Diablo II except that it's easier to play and level. My brother is also kind of hooked on it too, as I let him play a character on my account. I haven't tried out Jade Empire yet! Alas all good things will come to an end once med school starts up again.

And yes, we've totally geeked out (much to our parents' dismay).


Anonymous said...

I can see it now, Aek comes out to his parents: "Mom, Dad, I'm......a geek."


Dave83201 said...

I think we might have lost him for good!

Seth said...

A very special and happy holiday season to you!!

Just said...

lol we still love you .... lmao ... hope you had a great Christmas ... and damn sure pulling for a better year for you... lol even if your now a geek lol .... Lee