Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Kinda Hate Myself . . .

. . . for procrastinating half of Saturday away, especially since my biochem exam is on Monday. o_O

My motivation to study is at an all-time low. I did 2 lectures on Friday, 4 on Saturday, and that means there are 5-6 left to do all on Sunday (today, I guess). *Sigh* Truthfully, I loathe studying biochem. I enjoy learning, I appreciate what I learn, I just hate trying to memorize it all because there's just so much.
That's a biochem "map" of most/all of the biochem pathways. Now, of course we don't need to know all of it (especially for this exam), but we do need to know a good chunk. For a more detailed look at that picture, go to the ExPASy site here.

On my Facebook status, I have: "[Aek] kinda wishes biochem had a physical form so he could stab it with cadaver-blunted scalpels. o_O"

From that, a friend linked me to the follow YouTube vid:

U of Pitt Med School: Lord of the Rings parody 1

When I watched it, I couldn't help but laugh. It was soooo bad, but so hilarious. Particularly apt was where "Gandalf" declares "You shall not pass!" to a med student who accosts him. Here's an excerpt:
"It began with the forging of the great bling-blings. 3 were given to the anesthesiologists, fairest, most rested of all physicians. 7 to the renal lords, great managers of electrolytes and craftsmen of the Foley. And 9, 9 were gifted to the administration, who above all else desired power and research . . ."

U of Pitt Med School, Lord of the Rings parody 2 (the sequel)

Short excerpt from it here:
". . . There is a union now, between the two biomedical science towers. BST1, fortress of UPMC research; and BST2, stronghold of cheap foreign labor. And now a third tower rises, a third BST constructed solely to hoard NIH funding . . ."
And I'll end this post with a song linked to those parodies:

'On Call' - Med School's That Way


Anonymous said...

I wonder if a discourse-functional theory of linguistics could become physical so it could be stabbed with a cadaver-blunted scalpel? Or do I need a major-specific weapon as well? :P

And by the way, that chart? O.O

Aaron said...

lol. i remember my biochem days. how i would cry and wonder how am i ever going to memorise all the pathways, the enzymes and the change in energy / entropy. FML but i did! of cos, not that whole diagram though!

Anonymous said...

There's a thermal port somewhere in there you could shoot proton torpedoes down...

Ron said...

lol love those vids, and yeah i hate biochem too -- but i'm lucky i guess.. we didn't really have to memorize too many biochem pathways. most of our biochem lectures were about nutrition, it seems to be. not completely sure why. oh well, our curriculum's weird lol

good luck on the study, i know it's hard. and yes i do hehehehhe

take care


Jeremy said...

What the hell that chart is ridiculous @_@

E said...

Ugh, that chart is something serious. Glad I escaped when I did. Please, please don't let them pull out anything like this during Law School. If you memorize're the best.

. said...

Goodness that chart is amazing Aek...I know you don't have to know all of it, but even part of it looks quite complicated. Hope your week goes well despite the snow I'm sure you may have this week!!

Anonymous said...

Anon MD:

I flunked biochem 4 times as an undergrad and during my first year in med school, too. Yep, sad but true. I passed it during the summer make-up. Same exams as during the year. So, even if you despise biochem as I did and have a mental block to it, you can/will get through. Just take a deep breath...

Mike said...

All I can say is you have dedication, my friend.

Mike said...

I checked out that chart and WOW... OMG... CHEMISTRY!!!!!!!!!!!! Scary stuff. That's one of those things that would make me stand back and ask "when am I going to use this?"

Aek said...

James: I think you need a major-specific weapon.

Aaron: Yes, biochem . . . it's over now. ^_^

Anonymous: Huh? o_O

Ron: Aren't those vids hilarious? They're sooo bad, hahaha.

Jeremy, E, ., Mike: Yes. That's biochem. Welcome to my hell. But it's over now! ^_^

Anon MD: Wow . . . I'm glad I passed. Barely, but I DID pass. *sigh of relief*