Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Pi Day

I've been made aware (thanks to friends' statuses on Facebook) that today, 3.14, is Pi Day. Alas, I don't have a pie to celebrate; besides, I'd only be celebrating by myself today. But no worries, because tomorrow morning I'm flying out to Washington DC to visit a couple friends for a few days! And I still haven't packed yet . . .

So yeah, it's been a while since I last posted. Not much has happened - just had another grueling week of exams. I did better in physiology (thankfully) as well as cell & tissue biology (CTB), but I did considerably worse in neuroscience. Bah, truly the nervous system isn't my friend. It's all good - I still solidly passed.

After our last exam, my lab group went out to lunch. I like this new "tradition" of ours. :-P It's nice to just chill with some people and not have to worry about school and such for a few days at least. Even better that it's Spring Break now for us.

The "after exams" period is always a little strange for me. Life gets put on hold while studying for exams. Afterwards it comes rushing back, but sometimes there's an odd . . . gap. Sure it's great to celebrate with friends immediately after exams and such, but after that, when one's alone and everyone else has gone, it's . . . hmm, I don't have the words to describe this feeling. There are things I should be doing, things I mean to do, but all I sense right now is this gap.

I feel like I'm waiting for something, or someone, or some kind of sign. But if I could tell you what/who I'm waiting for, then I'd no long be waiting because I'd seek it out.

Anyway back to packing and such. I'll catch you all once I'm back from DC.


naturgesetz said...

Could the gap be relaxation — taking a moment to draw a breath before you have to move on to the next item you have to deal with?

Ron said...

neuroscience and neuroanatomy aint my friend either. but today i had a series of lectures on phototransduction and the eye and that stuff, which was pretty darn interesting.

rods and cones.

but i dont think i can be an ophthalmologist.

congrats on finishing ur exams.


Sam said...

Hope you get a fabulous time in DC!
Funny day, eh? lol


Manu said...

aww i hate CTB ;-;

Aek said...

naturgesetz: No, the gap does not equal relaxation. If this is relaxation, work me to death instead. :-P

Ron: Yeah, I didn't like how the eye was taught much. Ophthalmology is definitely off my list now. :-P

Same: How's the day funny? I don't follow. o_O

Manu: I don't mind CTB. It's taught pretty well here, and it's easy. :-P I still won't be a pathologist though.

Seth said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip!!


. said...

Have a great trip to DC Aek. I'm sure it will be a nice break and a relaxing time. Don't forget to take some photographs of DC to share on the blog. Glad things went well after exams.

Anonymous said...

In case anyone missed it, Baysailorboy has found love and took down his blog.