Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break, Part 2

There really isn't more to the story, per se, of my Spring Break. But I wanted to take this second part to just say how thankful I am to have my friends.

I almost forgot how much I missed them. It's been over a year since I last saw Jake (and he gave me the Chinese-English medical dictionary he got me while he was in China), and over 2 years I think since I last saw Don or Jake's girlfriend. It felt like old times again from undergrad, with the WC3 and the joking and such, lol. How a good part of me still misses those days. I'm glad that, though things change and we move to different places and age, some things still seem to stay the same.

You know how after you've hung around someone for a while, you begin to acquire some of their idiosyncrasies? Well, that's kind of how it's like with me - I tend to absorb bits and pieces of my closest friends, among them being Jake for sure. A lot of Jake's good friends from high school went to undergrad with him (and me), and I can easily tell that they've been friends for years because they all share similar qualities. For example, they make random funny noises when excited or frustrated. And they say similar things in response to certain things. Also, Jake knows me so well that he knows just what to say to "persuade" me into changing my decision on certain things. I find it quite amusing - I hope he puts that to good use in politics some day. :-P

I'm also thankful to the diversity of my undergrad friends. Like I've said several times before, I've many friends going into the health field as doctors, pharmacists, public health workers, etc. But I also have friends in other fields. Jake is pursuing his PhD in poli-sci, like I mentioned before; he's studying "comparative politics" I think so he can specialize in US-China relations. And Don is applying to international relations Master's programs, hoping to eventually get a position where he'll be in center of the weapons and defenses discussions. Jake's girlfriend, who I don't actually know as well, will be starting her Master's in speech pathology.

It seems all my close friends who I've kept in contact with, even those all the way back from elementary school, have aimed high and generally been met with at least some success. The vast majority of us from modest middle class to upper-middle class families have come a long way. Hopefully one day I'll have friends in high places, or I myself might be in a high place. ;-)

I was talking with a current classmate of mine over gchat about our respective Spring Breaks. He went home to CA to hang out with his family but more specifically his friends. Several of them have rather wealthy parents (or as my friend says, "baller") and they spent all their time and money partying hardcore - drinking, smoking cigarettes and weed, etc (doesn't sound too fun to me). So that's what rich Asian kids do, eh? I mean, he told me how his good friend from why back spent $300 in 30 minutes on clothes. Here I am, hesitant to spend even $200 on plane tickets! This then is the difference between us and our friends.

Well, I typed more but I deleted it as it had unexpectedly turned into a rant. I guess I'm just glad I have down-to-earth friends who strive for great goals in life and can understand the struggles of others. Sometimes like does attract like.

I can only wonder what the next decade will bring. How will things change by the time we next meet? Will we change with time and age, or remain recognizable as we currently are? Whatever happens, I look forward to that day.


naturgesetz said...

You may change a bit, but the good news is that —without some major force acting on you or some major effort on your part — you'll probably be basically the same in ten years. For some people, that's the bad news, but for you it's the good news.

Mike said...

People tend to amaze me.
Some people have such different backgrounds than us, some people change so much, and some don't.

. said...

Hey glad to hear about your trip...soon hopefully we can chat and catch up online...have a great week!! I for one am glad we're online blogger friends. :) And thanks for answering some of my questions on your formspring account too.

WiDo said...

I'm currently new to your blog and I don't know if you've mentioned it before, but where do you go to med school? You probably want to remain anonymous, so I really don't expect you to answer that question. I just thought I'd throw it out there since I'm currently a premed student. Hopefully I'll be able to read more of your blog, I doubt it though since I am a premed. Premed = no life.

Aek said...

Mike: Yeah, it's pretty interesting.

.: So you were the one asking me questions? :-P I answered some more, Idk if you were the one to ask them though.

WiDo: I won't mention which med school I go to, sorry. I'll just say it's in the Midwest (actually, if you search far enough back, you *might* be able to figure out which med school I go to). If you thought pre-med = no life, wait until you get to med school! It's kind of hard to believe, but pre-med was kind of nice in retrospect. My advice to you is: work hard and do well, but definitely find time to relax and hang out with friends. You don't have to be a super-candidate (unless you're gunning for like, Harvard or something).