Friday, May 21, 2010

So Much Win, Yet Still Some Fail

So yesterday I finished my neurosci review PowerPoint, about 2 days ahead of schedule. Win. ^_^ Today I just spent some time going through it all (to actually attempt to memorize it all now) and check for errors/typos, and also to make it a little bit prettier, lol.

So yeah, after 3 days (about 12 hours of work), now the PowerPoint is 13Mb, 108 slides (of which 104 are substantive) covering 9 lectures, and filled with pictures and animations and such. I must say, this makes WAY more sense than many of the professors' PowerPoints.

After I showed it to my pharmacy friend, she exclaimed:
"OMG I can't believe you know all that or that you have to know it all for the exam. . . . I mean, there's a ridiculous amount of info and detail in that one ppt. I think my head would explode."
Little does she know, it's only 1/4 of the total knowledge I'm supposed to know for my exam on Monday, seeing as it's cumulative. Bleh.

Anyway, I *heart* my PowerPoint. So much work, so much win.
Oh yeah, and it's my birthday today. And I'll have to spend most of it studying for my finals next week. T.T So much fail. I'll have to ameliorate that by making a German chocolate (from box) rum cake. :-) Maybe I'll toss raspberries in there too . . . I wonder if that'd taste good.
P.S. Some of these neurological disorders/diseases are really weird. Like, Klein-Levin syndrome; symptoms include bulimia, hypersomnolence (excessive sleepiness), and hypersexuality. I mean, how does that make sense? You're really sleepy but also really horny at the same time, with an eating disorder? . . . o_O

More reason for me not to be a psychiatrist/neurologist, lol.


Ron said...

lulz @ klein levin. i dont think we've learned that and i have a feeling it's quite rare and thus not really required for us to know until any of us end up doing neuro/psych

lol ur powerpoint.

do u know what that means?



seeing that we're both studying for neurosci! :)

That, my friend, is the BIGGEST WIN



El Genio said...

Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday you handsome sexy bitch you. ;)

Sleepy and horny all the time? Well that's me. But without the eating disorder. O.o

Mike said...


Take some time for yourself and don't study all day!!!

Ron said...

holy shit i didn't even say happy birthday and i requested something from you.


i really hate myself for that right now


Mirrorboy said...

Happy birthday. :P

Mine's the 22nd. O:

Aaron said...

Happy birthday Aek! :)

LOL. I am so not jealous of you although congratulations on the ppt!! :) I can only imagine the sense of relief and satisfaction at the end of it all! Lol.

dccised said...

i'd skip the cake and go straight to the rum

tracy said...

Happy very late Birthday, Aek! Hope it was a good one, in spite of the studying. The cake sounded delish...sad you had to make your own, but still...

Have to laugh at what dccised said :)

. said...

Happy birthday Aek!! I hope exams go well for you. Sorry to be missing in blogging lately. I will write more soon.