Sunday, October 17, 2010

It Gets Better

I came across the It Gets Better Project yesterday. It was started by Dan Savage in the wake of the much-publicized recent LGBT youth suicides, and it basically collects video stories from people on YouTube telling LGBT teens that "it gets better."

Although I don't have a message to share, per se, there are a few I'd like to share (and I've quoted some of the lines they said that I could relate to). The first 2 are from the It Gets Better Project and the last one is a very emotional and moving vid.

"It gets better . . . well to be honest, I still have to believe that in myself. But I think it's gonna get better. And sometimes it feels like you're the absolute only person left in the world to care for yourself and even then you don't want to care for yourself. But, something you've gotta remember is that somebody out there needs you as much as you need somebody."

"I struggled a lot in high school with mostly myself, I suppose; I didn't have a lot of problem getting picked on, but I knew it wasn't acceptable or really smiled upon. So I struggled with feelings of guilt and shame and all that stuff that is very unpleasant and hard when you feel alone . . . and it's rough."

"My favorite memory is watching the sun rise on a mountaintop with this boy I was in love with and it was amazing, and if I didn't make it through high school I wouldn't've been able to do that. . . . Thank God that I'm human and able to experience this." Something about this bit really got to me.

So this post is for any of you readers out there who're having a difficult time. This is for you bloggers/ex-bloggers. This is for me. This is for us.


Biki said...

this was the best idea ever! i have read some people cut it down, but they are just hopeless cynics!

thanks for posting such important content.

Anonymous said...

I'm out of high school and even college, but it still hasn't gotten better for me.

The "It Gets Better" project is retarded. Maybe if you are an attractive white guy, then life gets better. For the rest of us, life will just continue sucking.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Anonymous on 10:01 PM

The reason it probably hasn't gotten better for you, it's because you haven't broken out of ur shell of negativity!

The 'It Gets Better' Project is definitely going to be helping alot of people...otherwise it would never have gotten this big!

Anonymous said...

I don't need a bunch of self-satisfied pretty white boys telling me that everything will be all right.


Aek said...

Biki: You're welcome. :-)

Anonymous: Life continues regardless. Why it sucks depends on so many factors. It's both external and internal. FYI, I'm not white (and certainly don't consider myself anywhere near pretty).

tracy said...

Aek....Just finished watching the third video and am in tears.

Thank you. Thank you.