Monday, October 4, 2010


OCPD = Obsessive compulsive personality disorder (not to be confused with OCD)

- Become so preoccupied with details and rules that the major point of an activity is lost.
- Display perfectionism that interferes with task completion.
- Have inflexible values and are overly conscientious.
- Unable to discard worn-out or worthless objects.
- Reluctant to delegate tasks.
- Miserly spending style.
- Display rigidity and stubbornness.
- Excessively devoted to work.

Taken directly from my psych notes (exam tomorrow morning). Hmm, kinda sounds like I might meet some of the criteria for this. o_O Anywho, it's been over a week since I returned from the GLMA Conference. I should probably blog on that soon before I forget stuff . . .


Anonymous said...

OCPD and or OCD are perhaps the two most frequently conditions codiagnosed with Asperger's. I fit just about everyone of those except two.

1) I'm not very miserly with money. I have a poor concept of money. I'm miserly with other things, though.

2) Unable to discard worn-out or worthless items. I don't really think this is a shock, though, because displaying perfectionism means I discard anything not of practical or aesthetic value.

So, I think some of those things to be prioritized. They do that when diagnosing ASD: some behaviors MUST be displayed, others need only be displayed in certain numbers within a higher grouping (e.g., you fulfill at least 2 of the 4 criteria in group B).

B said...

As is the case with many personality traits, I think obsessiveness and compulsiveness exist on a pretty wide spectrum. I think many people express these traits to some degree, including me.

Ron said...

lol just like me :)