Monday, December 27, 2010

Step Into the Light

If you haven't noticed by now, my blog layout has changed (rather dramatically). In the past, the color scheme has always been within the darker palettes. In some way, that conscious decision to keep this blog with the darker color palettes has reflected something within me.

And now I feel like it's time for a change. It's time to step into the light. Things have shifted around a bit, but the core content hasn't changed. Only the blog title panel designed for me by a blogger who blogs no more remains as a relic of the past.

I'm not yet sure how this change in the blog layout will reflect the direction of this blog going into the new year, and its fifth year. Wow, have I been blogging that long?! Anyway, to those who've been following for a while now, step into the light and walk with me for the fifth year. Let this change represent a rebirth of sorts, let it refresh within me the reason(s) why I blog and within you why you choose to follow.

Lastly, I came across the following while passing through some blogs:

Greyson Chance - Waiting Outside the Lines

You never enjoy your life
living inside the box.
You're so afraid of taking chances,
how you gonna reach the top?
Rules and regulations
force you to play it safe.
Get rid of all the hesitation,
It's time for you to seize the day.

If you haven't been over to Ron's blog at I'm Keeping Score, do so NOW. He's having a tough time (as you can read from his last few posts) and can really use the support right now. Many of his greatest fears have materialized and we need to help him through this dark time.

Send him lots of hugs and show him the true light of support and love that we all are able to provide.


Ron said...

thanks for your support...

i'm still quite devastated

it took 4 days.

FOUR days.

for me to lose SO. MUCH.

- Ron

naturgesetz said...

I checked out Ron's blog and left a comment, which I hope will be encouraging.

Congrats on the brighter outlook. I hope it develops into much happiness.

Happy New Year.

Mike said...

Light colors!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank GOD!!! I honestly dreaded having to read your blog, the neon green on black burned my corneas that much. My eyes ain't 17 any more. :/

But the new layout is muy bueno. ^_^

Biki said...

Miss the old. LOVE the new. I've been chatting with Ron trying to help him find his footing. That poor guy.

have fun on your vacation, and do some massive unwinding, you both need and deserve it.

hugs for a wonderful friend!