Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lost in Conversations

Well, no comments on my last post. Whatever, no answers for you. :-P
Anyway, a couple days ago I called my best friend from undergrad to wish him a belated birthday and to just catch up. We've both been quite busy, what with me in med school and him in grad school halfway across the country. Now I'm not normally the kind of person who likes chatting on the phone for hours, but we chatted for almost 2 hours!

I could chat with him for hours. I always appreciate his perspective on things and he's probably one of the like five people who I can let my guard down and be completely open with. And that's saying something. After being surrounded by med students day and night, constantly discussing and whining about classes, it's refreshing to talk to someone whose background is just so radically different (he's doing his PhD in political science). We talked about anything from arsenic-eating bacteria to parasite-carrying flies in Africa (to which he suggests a genocide of all the flies) to Liu Xiaobo to the idiocy of certain Midwest governors for refusing federal dollars for constructing an interstate high-speed rail system.

I also found out that his fiance doesn't have texting. People without texting unite! Lol.
On another note, remember Online Guy 2 (Drew)? Well, we've been chatting here and there online for almost a year now. And I still haven't met him in person. :-/ He doesn't have a car and doesn't particularly care to travel halfway anywhere to meet up. Or should I say, didn't?

I had previously discounted a possible relationship with Drew for a variety of barriers. The least of which is the 30 minutes or so that separate us (rough estimate). But he had been having some very rocky months with his ex-boyfriend and almost every time I chatted with him he wasn't in a good place. Recently things have been looking up though since they broke up for good.

Last night we chatted online for a few hours. We first talked about our desire to travel and such. And then he wrote, "Maybe we should finally meet in person, get to know each other, and do something like that [camping]." Apparently he likes camping and I've never really gone. That sounds fun (though certainly not in these winter months here), and thankfully the only real thing I have to worry about is Lyme disease, lol.

So progress? Hmm, we'll see where this goes (if anywhere). It'd be nice if he'd want to meet up somewhere for a coffee date or something (except I can't remember if he said he liked coffee or not). Our conversation then became quite sexual, which it never had in the past. I guess we were both kinda horny. It was kind of fun making him even hornier online, hehe.

So I recently came across this:

It Gets Better by Chris Salvatore

He's really attractive and has a great voice. Though, he makes some rather over-exaggerated facial expressions when he sings, haha. He's also not afraid to bare it all either!

There are some parts of this song that's quite cheesy. However, I like the following refrain:

We will make it, we're stronger,
for all the pain they put us through.
Words won't hurt us, no longer,
our dreams will be what get us through.
And when it feels like your whole world is ending,
remember me and all the other ones saying,
"It gets better, believe me."


Mike said...

I'm glad that you have a few friends you can be really open with :) I always picture you as the really shy, hide everything, not that it is a bad thing, but that's my perception.

And camping can be pretty fun! Take Drew up on the offer!

Manu said...

Lol nice guy ;)

You should meet Drew

naturgesetz said...

Sorry I didn't think of any questions, but it's nice that you could have that chat with your friend.

Keep us posted with regard to Drew.

fan of casey said...

Aek: OK, I'll comment for the 1st time. You've seen me and I've seen you over at Mike's RTIML blog. Same as the others I think you should meet Drew just to check him out, you never know until you try. I know some people can't see doctors being sexual since they are trained to be clinical but it happens for sure. I know because my brother is a surgeon and he's got lots of gals chasing after him.

Anonymous said...

Yeah go for it - in a well-public place and just find out about the coffee before you just assume!

Aek said...

Mike: Yeah? Do you still picture me as that after we met a couple months ago?

Manu, fan of casey: Lol, trying!