Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome To Life

Welcome to this thing called life. Open your eyes and see the love that brought you into this world. Sleep in the arms that embrace you, linger in childhood while you can, but grow up strong and healthy. You are full of the world's hopes and potential - you can become anything! What will you choose to be? You won't remember me, what with me prodding and poking you. But I hope my thoughts are etched into your heart: I wish you the best on this journey called life and I hope you are equipped with the love and the help to get through anything.
I just spent the last 2 days in the newborn nursery. I had the opportunity to examine a baby less than 48 hours old. The mom handed him over to me, trusting me unequivocally that I wouldn't hurt him. He peeked at me through suspicious eyelids and went back to his tenuous sleep. Of all the people to have examined him in his brief existence, he tolerated me the best. I believe there aren't many people who have "the touch," or the ability to connect with babies in a way that they tolerate you poking and prodding them (they're still not happy, but they'll tolerate you); I'm hoping that I've got it. Really, there was only one baby who didn't tolerate me, but that was because he was fairly sick.

There is something about holding a newborn. It's the feeling of holding unadulterated potential in your arms - something so fragile and yet resilient. I mean, come on, the childbirth process is rather traumatic (for both mother and child).

And so it is that I thought the above in my head as I laid him in his bassinet next to his mom and left the room. The odds of me seeing him are next to nil, but all the same - welcome to life.


fan of casey said...

Aek: I love how when you experience something new, your passion and search for knowledge really shines thru.

tracy said...

Just a really lovely post. It so reminded me of when our 20 year old was a newborn!

Thank you , Aek!

Biki said...

There is NOTHING that correlates with the holding of a newborn, nothing. They are so fragile, yet vital, such a miracle but again very common place.

They carry our hope, our wishes and our joy, I'm glad you had the chance to experience.