Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another Step Taken

Step 1: check.

Step 2 CK: check.

Check off each step taken towards my medical license.  Hopefully I passed Step 2 CK, but I won't definitively know for almost a month.  Blah.  I shudder to think about retaking that 9-hour long test (not to mention how much it costs!).  With some luck, I did markedly better on Step 2 CK than on Step 1 last year.

Steps left to go: Step 2 CS and Step 3.  After that, it's just the re-certification exams every 10 years to be board certified.  Yay.  Endless testing.  -_-

But for the moment, I have a short window of freedom (and a short vacation coming up!).  So I'm going to enjoy this while it lasts.  Alas I also have to work on ERAS applications for residency programs.

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naturgesetz said...

I hope you passed with flying colors!