Thursday, October 4, 2012

Check & Check

Step 2 CK: check. (Did 20 points better than on Step 1, woot!)
Step 2 CS: check.
Letters of recommendation: check.
ERAS application: check.
Schedule my first few residency interviews: check.

Haven't actually gotten a residency interview invitation in a while now, and it's making me nervous.  I applied to 29 programs, which most people have told me is overkill for pediatrics (on average, people applying to pediatrics apply to about 15-20 programs).  I really need to hear from more programs NOW.

I'm on pediatric anesthesia right now.  For the past month I've been on my vacation month (for another post), so coming back to starting at 6:30am is a bit of a shift.  It's been a good experience so far.  I like getting the opportunity and practice of putting IV's in babies and kids, as well as manage the airway.  I like being able to see a diversity of pediatric surgeries because I can migrate from OR to OR each day and see something totally different than if I were just on one surgical service.  Everyone I've interacted with has been very nice and (usually) patient with me.

But I have to say, some people have got to stop trying to make me question why I want to do pediatrics.  Yes, I will be making about 1/4 to 1/3 of your salary.  No, it's definitely not for the money, that's abundantly clear.  I'm well aware that I'll be making among the bottom salaries as far as physicians go.  That said, I will make more money than both my parents' salaries combined.  And I see absolutely no need to "upgrade" my lifestyle.  Yes, I will come out with far more debt than both my parents, but I don't doubt that I'll have the ability to pay it off (annoying rough as that may potentially be).

Anyway, there were some cases I've seen that have definitely reaffirmed some of the reasons why I choose to pursue pediatrics (for another post).  And who knows, if I get bored or burnt out, pediatric anesthesiology might be an option, as it seems almost 1/3 to 1/2 of the staff peds anesthesiologists here apparently started off as pediatricians.  Hmm . . . I must pick their brains on this.


Uncutplus said...

Anyone who sees money as the end goal should not be in that profession -- physicians included!

Do what you enjoy while providing unequaled service to others -- you will be happy and so will your patients (and parents).

naturgesetz said...

I can't imagine you getting bored in pediatrics. Maybe burnt out is a possibility.

Anyway, good luck on getting into a good program.