Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I am a single man - an individual -
undaunted by public displays of affection,
unshaken by the pairing and coupling of others.
These symbiotic relations have made them weak,
their freedoms restrained, their hearts softened.
Who needs that?

I can, at a whim, drive to nowhere
and gaze at the light of the stars,
observing the music of the heavens.
I would take in the awe and majesty
of the universe unfurled around me,
and know the meaning of life.

I can hike into the woods
and embrace the beauty of nature -
the sound of crunching leaves, the fires of autumn,
the soundscapes of brooks and creatures.
I would be one with the breath of the trees,
and know peace and solace.

I can lay on the warm sands of the beach
and listen to the rhythms of the rolling waves.
I would dig my toes into the sand,
feel the wind and sun on my face -
close my eyes, inhale deep,
and know relaxation.

I can stay in on a cold winter day
and bake a warm pie while sipping hot tea.
I would curl under a blanket on the couch,
watching the snow falling ever so gently.
I am content and satisfied,
as this is comfort.

I run on my own schedule,
my time is mine, my thoughts and actions are mine.
I need no reminding of the pairing and coupling
that defines the life-course of others.
I am a single man - an individual -
and I with nothing more than to share it with you.

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. said...

Hey Aek...:-) Is that your poetry? If so it's beautiful...hope you are doing well!!!