Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Skepticism Against Non-Neutrality

This is a follow-up to my previous post, Media, Culture, and Half-Truths.

As I blogged that post, the media in other areas were already aflame with skepticism.  To recap from my previous post, the US CDC is considering a recommendation that medical providers should discuss the benefits of circumcision and offer it to parents and any uncircumcised male teenager and young adult (particularly those in a higher sexual risk group).  This is part of the US CDC's plan to help further reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS.

And as I blogged in my previous post, this thread of logic is misplaced and damaging.  I even posted a comment on the US CDC's site.  It's open for commenting between Dec 2 and Jan 16.  The vast majority of the comments on that site are negative towards the new recommendations.  Here's an article that reflects that:

There is also a nice and succinct article on an Oxford ethics blog, A fatal irony: Why the "circumcision solution" to the AIDS epidemic in Africa may increase transmission of HIV, by Brian D. Earp in 2012.  It basically summarizes my thoughts from my previous post (but more eloquently written).

Again, this is not a new topic of debate.  The US CDC first began considering this back in 2009, but had delayed making notable public announcements until now.  As evidenced by an article in the Huffington Post, Male Circumcision and the HIV/AIDS Myth, by Dr. Ali Rizvi.

Heck, this topic has been covered (albeit tongue-in-cheek) by Queerty!  For example:
And to reference my previous post, the media can write about a single topic in two ways.  Queerty is clearly on the opposite side of the articles posted in my previous post.

So anyway, read the links if you desire.  They're there.  I'm a broken record on this topic.  No more on this until the US CDC finalizes its recommendation, one way or the other.  But for the love of democracy, please comment on the link above if you have an opinion you'd like to share!

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