Monday, August 6, 2007

New Laptop!

So this actually happened a few days ago. My dad bought a laptop for himself, and not a bad one. He intended to buy me one in a few days from now, but then decided to just give the laptop he got for himself to me. It's a Dell and it's a bit bulky, but other than that I like it and it's better than the desktop PC I'm currently using (which will then be passed down to my brother when he attends the same university as me in the fall). The laptop my dad had considered buying for me technically wasn't going to be as good as the one he originally bought for himself anyway.

So I've a laptop now, yay! I've actually been looking forward to getting/having a laptop for about a year now. I think it's the portability of it, though I probably won't carry my laptop with me around a lot. But the fact that I can is what's enticing. Plus almost all my friends have laptops (and some have laptops in addition to their desktops, lucky bastards).

And now I have to do something really quick so no one notices - transfer all my porn from my desktop to the laptop before the desktop is passed over to my brother. Fortunately, I tend to delete most of my porn after I watch it since most porn doesn't really interest me. And looking through what I do have (and purging along the way), I've noticed a few things. The vast majority of my porn is mostly solo male masturbation, or something like that. It could be from a straight site or a gay site (as if that matters). The remaining porn is a mix of gay porn (2 guys, rarely more) and straight porn. It's actually kind of half and half at that point - gay porn doesn't do much for me most of the time, and I tend to be selective about straight porn.

And this also reminded me of a post on DTB about porn. Yeah, I think I do tend to spend too much time on porn, but it's more sorting through it and deciding what to keep/delete than actually watching it. I might be slightly obsessive-compulsive about keeping things orderly and such (in fact, I know I am).

Anyway, still very excited about my new laptop, even if I've spent very little time on it/with it in this last week or so.

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