Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Ugh, I didn't get paid. I went to the office today with another undergrad who works with me to pick up my payment stub (I've direct deposit) and his paycheck, but it seems that they forgot to pay us. We were shocked and rather outraged. All they had to do was pay us once every other week, is that so hard to do or keep track of?! They, meaning the university I'm working in, have serious finance/administration issues it seems. If this were an organization or company, someone would be fired by now. Gah!!

It took over a month to get my paperwork through, and another month or so before my direct deposit took effect. That's more than a month of not getting paid at all! And when my paperwork did go through, they wanted me to fill out my timesheets online, but didn't give me an ID and password to do it. So the head of the office fills in the hours for me, which feels dubious. I've also worked, by now, A LOT more than I'm actually getting paid for, since I'm working there through an undergraduate program. So is the other undergrad. Wait until this one post-doc hears about this tomorrow morning, he'll go berserk for us, haha.

So it seems like I've almost NO "gaydar" whatsoever. This one chef on the show Top Chef, Dale Levitski, is gay, and I didn't realize this entire time (by the way, Top Chef is an awesome show - one of the few that I watch). I hope he makes it to the end, I like him and he's not an ass like some others on that show. Anyway, not that it matters really, I just find it amusing how my gaydar seems so non-existent. It seems to work for lesbians/bisexual women somewhat better though, but that's probably because I know several whereas I don't have any gay friends (none that I know of anyway).

The only time my gaydar works is if the guy's really "flamboyant" (i.e. wears very particular clothes, moves in a very particular way, talks with a lisp or whatever, etc), but those gay guys tend to bother me. I don't have anything against them, it's just one of those things that bothers me. I also have a sort-of policy of actively trying not to "judge a book by its cover" and I guess that constitutively represses what gaydar I might have.

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Mike said...

While I don't work for my university I know that on so many levels there is incompetence. It forces me to have to be vocal about small things, but also whenever I do something like fill out a form I make sure there is a paper trail just to cover my back. I also make sure to always write a check when I have to pay my university.

Hope you get paid soon and get it straightened out! I know how missing a paycheck can be so difficult.