Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Think I'm Getting Sick . . .

Gah, I think I'm becoming weaker both mentally and physically. My immune system might've been compromised. I woke up this morning with an uncomfortable feeling in my throat. Since then, the back of my throat has gotten dry, irritated, and sore. And my right tonsil is swollen (I can feel it with my tongue). I took some cold medicine - doesn't seem to do much. I tried to see into the back of my throat to see if there were white spots on my tonsils, which could indicate strep throat; alas, I failed in that attempt. Perhaps I should drink more water.

I also woke up with a soreness in my lower ab region, for reasons unknown. Throughout the day it developed into a dull pain that persisted for most of the day. I took a Motrin and that made it a little better, and thankfully it's gone now. I need to learn medical stuff now, so it'll be easier to self-medicate, haha.

I don't know the root cause of my "weakened state." It might be a combination of only getting 5.5-6.6 hours of sleep for the last week and a half, compounded by stress from doing WAY too much in this little time, and perhaps mild depression (which would partly explain the general malaise). For the last week I've also been lifting successively less weight, which makes NO sense as I really should be improving. Sigh.

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