Sunday, September 9, 2007

The State of the Apartment

DvF-M and I discovered a vast population of fruit flies in and near our trash. We then proceeded to eliminate that population. I took out the trash, and as I did a bunch of fruit flies flew out of it. At least I've disposed of their progeny. We then spent some time trying to slap them either in mid-air or against the wall to crush them. Moderate success I'd say, managed to reduce their numbers further. All the while, I was thinking of all the experiments I've either done or read about with fruit flies, and couldn't help think that these creatures totally deserve to be experimented with. They're so annoying.

Oh, and DvF-M apparently has fairly bad hearing; that, or I have really good hearing. I could hear the fruit flies crunch against the table when I squashed two of them, he couldn't. I could even hear them fall onto the table after we knocked them off the wall. Granted, I was standing right next to the table, but I heard a distinct little sound as the flies hit the table whereas he didn't. Interesting.

My other 2 roommates in the apartment, AW-M and RG-M, are both very infrequently present. Most of the time DvF-M and I have the apartment to ourselves, and AW-M and RG-M haven't even slept overnight in the apartment for days now. This means that DvF-M and I each have our separate bedrooms to ourselves. This is good because it's been rather hot, humid, and stuffy lately. It's uncomfortable to sleep with clothes on, as I prefer sleep nude on such days. Obviously, I'm not going to do that if I'm sharing a room with AW-M, but since he's not around at night, there hasn't been a problem yet. Why is AW-M never around? It's because he's totally pussy-whipped, and his girlfriend has total control over him; he's totally subservient, and he's rather weak-willed anyway. He can usually be persuaded fairly easily, in my experience anyway.

Okay, I think I should explain my method for writing about people on this blog. All their names are in some sort of code. I use the initials of their first and last name, then a dash, and then their gender. For example: JD-F = Jane Doe-Female, JD-M = John Doe-Male. Yeah, strange isn't it? I'm weird like that I guess.

So for a totally different tangent, here are some of my friends' description of me (pardon my imperfect recollection, this is paraphrased).

RZ-F: There's like 3 categories of people. There are girls, there are guys, and then there's Aek.

DvF-M: You know, when people meet you for the first time, like when I met you freshman year, you don't seem like you're the Asian stereotype. But as people talk to you more and more, you fit the Asian stereotype more and more.

What can I say? I AM Asian. And I AM American at the same time. There really isn't much conflict, as the two are kind of mutually exclusive to me. I'll talk about that and other random differences more when I get around to posting my thoughts while I was visiting relatives in CA.

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