Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm Ready

I'm ready. Okay, I'm almost ready. For what? Many things.

I'm ready foremost for my med school interview in Wisconsin on Friday. I've prepared, and gone over possible questions, got feedback from my friends who've already been accepted to med schools, the whole litany. I feel confident in my answers, that they're not only good but also genuine, honest, and sincere. I can only hope all that comes across.

I'm ready to come out to JW-M. I've been wanting, and building up the courage, to tell him for the last week or so (but really, several months now). He's my closest friend here at the university. I can't graduate in a month without telling him. Unfortunately, I wasn't in any good emotional state to tell him last week or even earlier this week.

I'm ready to not be in a depressive mood. When exhausted, stressed, and worn thin, I experience several stages of mood change. The first is just general tiredness, but I'm able to just trudge on. Then comes an unwillingness to do anything. Then comes the easily irritated/angered state. Then depression-like. After this, then recovery and maybe temporary happiness (last ditch happy?). I'll be past this point in a day or so, and be back to my "normal" self.

And lastly, I'm ready for more sleep. God knows I don't get enough. Maybe after all this, then I can focus on deeper, and more personal, issues.

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