Saturday, March 1, 2008

Plan B

So, I know I obsess over this, quite obsessively. I've a feeling all pre-meds obsess over this to a degree that borders OCD. And here it goes for the umpteenth time (forgive me).

Wayne State: alternate list (aka, wait-listed).

NYMC: wait-listed.

MCW: interview on March 28th (for their alternate list).

Med schools still to hear back from: USC-Keck, Tufts, Drexel, Loyola, and Rosalind Franklin. Still holding on to hope. If I get an interview at either USC-Keck or Tufts that'd be amazing, because those are my first choices right now. Still hoping . . .

I still have hope at all three of the "wait-list" ones. After looking at MCW, I wouldn't mind going there at all, even if it's in Wisconsin (actually, I think it'd be really cool). I've a feeling that at some point I will be admitted at either (or both) Wayne State and NYMC; though, "at some point" could be any time between now and August. But I must bolster my chances. I need to get a hold of the in-progress paper on which I have an authorship from the lab I worked at over the summer.

Anyway, in lieu of this, I've enacted plan B: public health. I just submitted my application tonight. And I couldn't have done it without the help of W, thanks!! But am I done? No, because I still have to snail mail a 1-page form that they didn't have as part of their online application, and I have to get my MCAT scores to the school of public health (somehow, calling on Monday). Curses!!

I dislike applying. I don't think I'm going to apply to any more schools of public health other than the one I did. Here's hoping I get into public health, if all else fails (which, I'm still hoping doesn't).


Mike said...

Hope it all goes well!!! I'm sure you'll get in- you sound like you have a lot of motivation, as well as the grades.

Matt in Argyle said...

good luck man, I'm sure you'll get into med school though.

W said...

Awww. Thanks. I am very happy to help in as little a way as possible. I didn't do much anyways.

You'll get to where you want to get, you're determined, passionate and hardworking. You may not get there in the way you want. The difference between displacement and distance. The journey will be all so worth it.