Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sexual Fantasy

This is kind of embarrassing to post, but it's been stuck in my head when I wake up in the mornings for several days now. It also warrants, I think, a preface. I will first preface by saying I don't consider myself a very sexual person. Sex isn't something I crave or long for most of the time. Even so, a "less sexual" person like me does have his sexual fantasies. Well in my case, a singular sexual fantasy. I think maybe it's a bit more sensual/erotic than sexual, but you be the judge.

Now, a preface on the content . . . Sleeping in the nude is very comfortable under the conditions of: 1.) once you've gotten used to it, and 2.) when it's warm enough to sleep nude without freezing. And lastly, "morning woods" can be quite annoying. On to the fantasy . . . it's kind of "gender neutral" as sometimes the fantasy is a guy and other times it's a girl. It's not exactly 50/50 but it's kind of close. It's also somewhat detailed and involved, maybe that's why I only have one.

The fantasy begins with the two of us in bed, sleeping in the nude, spooning or whatever. We just feel each other's body, nothing but warm skin and the blanket. And then it's morning. My morning wood is evident. He/she turns over to face me, eyes still closed. A hand (not mine) is placed on my hard penis, holding it idly and gently. We feel it pulse steadily in the hand. He/she begins to stroke it slowly, moving the foreskin back and forth across the head, alternately exposing it and hiding it. Then he/she takes the foreskin and pulls it all the way forward so the head's completely covered. With just the thumb and two fingers, he/she lightly pinches the end and sticks one of his/her fingers inside, pinching the outside and inside together and lightly rubbing in small circles. He/she then pulls the foreskin all the way back, exposing the head completely and begins to rub the head itself, even stroking the frenulum a little. Of course it's all quite sensitive at this point, maybe even to the far edges of pain, but whatever - it feels great. I'm probably squirming around and quietly moaning a little at this point.

Suddenly he/she stops, gets up and out of bed, leaving me hanging and wanting more. It was all just a tease and ends with a smile that tells me to follow if I want it to be finished somewhere else.

Well, that's about it as it ends there. Leaves me hanging in the morning when I get up, haha.


haliaeetusguys said...

Hmmm! The story is certainly erotic and left me hard. How did this dream leave you??? Aside from anticipating more! - Volker

haliaeetusguys said...

Oh, I found your blog from another source [Picture Perfect]. - Volker