Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No Time!

Sorry for not posting in . . . a week?! Hmm, it's been a week. And it's past 5am right now. Why am I still awake? Good question you might be wondering.

Today (yesterday? Tuesday) I had my biostatistics exam. I swear that class is out to get me. At the very least I managed to finish every question and write something down. I think towards the end I was just trying to come up with ways to manipulate the equations to create an answer that remotely made sense. I also made mistakes on question 2 (there were only 4 questions) over and over again, and spent like half an hour re-writing my answers. -_-

I was somewhat fried by the time I had to teach discussion section today. At least that's something I'm good at, so I'm told. My friend, EA-F, is friends with one of the girls in my Tuesday's discussion section. Apparently I'm one of her favorite GSIs because I explain things really clearly and I seem personable and approachable. W00t! ^_^

Anyway, to the point of this post so I can sleep. Why am I still awake? Because I just wrote 2 papers back-to-back in one sitting (starting at around 7pm). Granted, the first paper I've been working on for about 2-3 days now. But it's 10 pages, single-spaced. The second paper is at least 5 pages, double-spaced. All I have to say is this about the 2nd paper: Worst. Essay. Ever. That's saying a lot because I pride myself on my essay-writing abilities. Good thing neither essay is due until Friday, but since I'm leaving early Friday for China, I really have to have it all done by Thursday evening.

I need to spend tomorrow (wait . . . today, Wednesday?) MASSIVELY editing my papers and studying for my cancer epidemiology exam on Thursday. Argh. AND I still have to meet with my group on Thursday to work on our paper and presentation on non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Do not want. I already spent 1.5 hours creating 11 (really nice, btw) slides in PowerPoint.

I have NO TIME!!! T.T

I must release some of this stress so I don't get another "stress" cold on top of the one I'm JUST recovering from. Maybe a quickie before bed . . . might help me sleep faster. Ah, 4.5 hours of sleep here I come.


Tee said...

Oh my god, seriously. This can't be healthy. Just reading this post made me feel exhausted. o.O

J said...

quickie, woot woot ^_^

tracy said...

Hi Aek,
Just checking in to say Hello and have a fantastic time in China! Hope you will post from there.

Be well,