Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm So Outta Here

I'm so done with this week. I'm so outta here.

2 exams done, 2 papers done, and a group project well under way. Now time for Spring Break (yeah, I know my school has Spring Break freakishly early). I'm off to China in less than 12 hours. That's crazy!!

I'll keep a journal of some sort, and I'll be sure to take lots of pictures. :D

Now, if you would excuse me, I'm going to let the fuzziness of exhaustion claim me now.

Good night. I'll see you all in a week.


Stephen Chapman... said...

Have a fine trip - your recent schedule sounded crazy, so I think you deserve the break.

At some point, I would really appreciate your comments on being "out" on my latest blog entry:

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna miss you so much Aek. :(

Don't drink the water, only bottled stuff from a company you trust. Wear your money on a belt under your clothes. Make sure to register at the embassy. Be safe. :(

*misses you*

naturgesetz said...

Where your school is, it's still winter. How can they call it Spring Break?

But have a good trip anyway.

naturgesetz said...


Drink the beer!

Tee said...

Enjoy the trip man. :)

charlie said...

Have a nice trip, it seems that you deserved it! Aha, James is like a mother ;) I'm looking forward to look at the pictures!

See you!

Mike said...

Have a great trip!!!!!!!!!!!!

mstpbound said...

oh jesus james, have you actually BEEN to china within the last year? go go aek and have fun! go party at the gay clubs, drink till you pass out on the streets, and most importantly eat till you pop! :) (and bring some food back for meeeee!) i can't wait till i got back again ... probably nxt yr?

Anonymous said...

I was in China last summer, June 18-August 3, yes. But if makes you feel better, I don't trust the water most anywhere. XD

And yes, I fully expect Aek to bring us all back some good food (except the chicken feet, leave those in China).

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I was in China, but not all those dates.

Aek said...

Stephen: Thanks! A break of sorts it was indeed. I commented, btw.

James: You should stop worrying about me. I can handle myself (as evidenced by my continuing existence). China's nowhere near as bad as you think, especially when you're with a group of people. Btw, the water's fine in small amounts. Plus, it's often boiled for tea anyway.

naturgesetz: I honestly don't know. It baffles me too. And the beer was delicious. :P

Tee: Thanks!!

charlie: Unfortunately, something happened to the pics I took. So I have to wait for others to post theirs so I may pilfer.

Mike: Thanks!

mstpbound: So. Much. Food. I think the act of eat tired me out towards the end, wtf is up with that?!