Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Over 10,000 Views!!

Woah, some time in the near-past my blog received over 10,000 views!! I suppose this blog has been slowly plodding along for a while, not reaching epic popular hits like other blogs (you know who you are). But that's okay. Now, what to talk about? Oh! I think I have a topic. ;-)

Ultimate Edging
I'm fairly confident that anyone who comes across this blog knows what "edging" is (at least, if you're a guy). But, a couple years ago I accidentally discovered what might be the "final step" in the edging technique. Recently someone posted it here on a site I browse fairly often called Solo Touch.

So, in "normal" edging you would just masturbate until you feel like you're about to cum, then back off without any ejaculation or orgasm. You do this repeatedly until you're actually ready to cum (or just can't hold back anymore). It feels pretty amazing. Now, there's another "step" beyond this that makes it even better.

If you're really astute, you might notice - what I call - 3 phases before you actually cum. Phase 1 is where you feel like you're about to cum, but if you back off (usually) nothing comes out. Phase 2 is just before you cum, but if you back off sometimes (usually) some semen will leak or shoot out and your penis will throb and the muscles will contract, but you won't have full ejaculation or orgasm. Phase 3 is just full on cumming, where you ejaculate and have an orgasm and you lose your erection afterwards. Normal edging gets to phase 1 then backs off. In the link above and what I've accidentally discovered is that you can actually get to phase 2 and then back off, and then do this repeatedly until you finally cum all the way.

Here's how you do it. Masturbate and stroke, however you typically do it. When you get close to cumming (phase 1), slow down and stroke lightly. You'll then get to a point where you'll feel the semen kind of start working its way up your penis but before any contractions (phase 2). STOP at this point - let go and don't touch your penis at all!! The semen will ooze/shoot out, and there will be some throbbing and contractions. Don't "go with" the contractions, but just let it happen; it'll feel like a "mini-ejaculation." Wait several seconds (maybe 10-20 seconds) before resuming stroking, otherwise you'll just proceed to full ejaculation and orgasm.

If you do it right, your penis will actually get a little harder and more sensitive after each "round." Each round is like a mini-ejaculation and mini-orgasm. And you can use your semen as lube, which feels pretty damn good (if you use lube; if you don't, this is a good opportunity to try). Less semen comes out with each successive round, and you'll approach each successive round quicker and it'll be harder to hold back from going all the way. When you're ready to just let go, just finish yourself off. You may/may not ejaculate more semen.

This "ultimate edging" technique is very messy and takes quite a bit of practice to do more than like 2-3 rounds, but it feels soooo good once you have it down. My personal record is 6 rounds (where I define a round as having a mini-ejaculation). You'd be surprised how much cum you have stored up inside you. Even at the 6th and final round, I still shot some out. ;-)
Mundane Matters
Okay, enough of that. Back to the "regular programming."

I probably won't be posting much until March. I have 2 exams next week, 2 papers due next Friday, and a group presentation that more or less has to be done by the end of next week. I've been freaking out over my biostatistics exam next Tuesday, as the professor originally made the exam in-class (at 8:30am), closed book, and no cheat-sheet. However, today he emailed us to let us know we could bring a cheat-sheet on a 8.5x11-inch sheet of paper. That's seriously a godsend. Now to jot down every formula under the sun onto that sheet of paper.

Spring Break is the week after next, and I'll be going to Tianjin and Beijing, China to observe and learn how the China CDC deals with measles, along with other students in the school of public health here. Measles isn't an issue in the US due to consistent vaccination programs, however, US measles cases have doubled recently (to about 188 or something like that). More parents now are choosing to not vaccinate their children (after the stupid and unfounded claim that the MMR vaccine is linked to autism), which is causing a ton of worry in the health professions.

Measles is HIGHLY contagious. It usually doesn't have very severe symptoms, but it can cause death. In China, I believe several thousand children die each year to measles. Measles was in the top 10 killer of children under 5 (ranking higher than HIV) worldwide in 2000. So while on an individual level it's generally not too bad, on a population level it can be quite lethal to a lot of kids.

Okay, there's something I wanted to jot down before I forget. So there are apparently things I say all the time and never noticed. Currently, they are as follows (as pointed out to me by my friends):

"Fair enough."

"In theory . . ." or "Theoretically . . ."

"Hypothetically . . ."

"Well, in my limited experience . . ." or "Well, with my limited knowledge . . ."

AG-F cites that everything above other than "Fair enough" is evidence of my deep science training and background. It's true. Scientists usually try to be very cautious in what they say, and so I've adopted the above caveats when talking about things that I may not know with complete certainty to be true or false (which happens to be most things).


J said...

i thought you got up to 7 rounds, and im gonna be very sad that youre not gonna be around

E said...

I am sooo trying this...didn't know what edging was before reading that.

mstpbound said...

also, if you come close to cumming, and you push your penis down (or posteriorly, for you anatomy people out there), you can also usually stem the tide... ;p

Stephen Chapman... said...

It's truly amazing what you can learn reading blogs!


charlie said...

No wonder now why so many people read the blog ;)

Anonymous Blogger said...

yay 10,000 views,

and that was really sexual.

Anonymous said...

AEK: You do have a very nice blog. I am not surprised about the views. :)

Aek said...

J: Yeah, me too. Hell week begins-eth. :(

E: Haha, you sooo should try it! Let me know how it goes, okay? :P

mstpbound: Hmm, I didn't know that. I guess you really do learn something new every day.

Stephen: Lol, so true. ^_^

charlie: Haha, maybe? Thanks though!

Anonymous Blogger: Haha, I try (to be really sexual on this post anyway).

Orange: Awsw, that's sweet. :D

Mike said...

That trip to China sounds awesome!!! Hope that the next couple weeks go well with your tests and papers, and as you prepare for the trip.

Kabir said...

Hey, hot post! Love edging:) Hope your exams and everything go well.

Anonymous said...

For a little fun I printed this and let my roommate Toby read it, and then I asked him if he wanted to have a contest with edging. His reply? "Can't ya just keep on blowin' me and lettin' me fuck ya?"

God, I love pseudo-straight boys. Toby anyway!

Aek said...

Mike: Thanks!! I think the China trip will be awesome as well, and right now I'll need as much luck for my exams and papers as I can get. o.O

Kabir: Yeah, edging is pretty great, isn't it? But only if you have the time and willingness to deal with the (very) messy cleanup. XD

Josh: LOL, that's too funny. I wish I had a roommate that I could do that with. :P How many rounds can you go? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks for that technique. I will certainly try it. But next time, why not try this: There's spot just below your balls, called the perineum. After you get hard, put your thumb on the base of your cock, reach below your balls and push on that spot with your finger. It will probably not be as hard as it can get. You want to get it super-hard; this makes your cock super-hard. You make it get super-hard by "pushing" using your PC muscles (the same ones you use to cut off urine flow). It also helps this process along to watch porn and "think about cumming," kind of like when your cock is in a pussy. "Pulse" or "pump" your perineuem and , in concert, your cock, using the PC muscles and DON'T STROKE your cock, just gently hold it and maybe fondle the shaft and the head a little once in a while. Eventually, you'll reach a point where your perineum and cock are super-hard, and you'll actually feel like you're cumming. You're really jacking yourself off with just your PVC muscles. What you've done is basically made your non-dominant had into a "cock-ring," only one that "reads" the arousal levels you've reached. Also, the slight "pinching" effect of the thumb and the finger , on the base of the cock with your thumb and the perineum with your finger retards the flow of blood from the cock. This is(I hope obvious by now) a "two-handed" masturbation technique; you're holding your cock with your dominant (normal masturbating hand) and the non-dom hand is being the "cock-ring cum Beyond Edger".

Congratulations ! You've now achieved the state which I like to call "Beyond Edging." If you practice this technique over a period of time, you will learn to hold yourself at that cumming state for longer and longer periods of time. You've successfully short-circuited the part of the brain that shoots off and then stops when your cock stops shooting off, or actually made it last for as long as you keep making that "cumming feeling" last. I could barely hold out for a minute when I first learned how to do this (I taught myself), but now, my record is holding at cumming for seven minutes. You "goon" like a mofo, and the petit mort reaction (cumface) is a little disgusting at times, but, hey, that goes with the territory, and if you're a chronic, compulsive, addicted masturbator in his 60's, and retired, like me, and you have lots of time for hobbies, it's better than basketweaving. You can read more about this by reading my recent posts in Solotouch. I'm using the screen name "DoctorJack" there, too. You get spectacular results at ejaculation, as well, using this technique, if your learn how much pressure to put on your perineum during ejaculation. Hope this helps.