Monday, June 15, 2009

Back with Answers

Hey everyone, I'm back! Miss me? Eh, I didn't think so as evidenced by the handful of questions I got. But that's okay. I didn't get even a significant fraction of what I wanted to get done this last week, but I got some of the more important things done and made headway on others, so it's not all wasted. Anyway! Answers to the questions that (the few of) you posed.

E: What is you reaction when you see someone incredibly hot?
I . . . have a tendency to stare. But since staring is unnerving and rather impolite, I take lots of side glances. And my heart rate increases a little, maybe Also, I tend to lose my ability to speak eloquently or at length. I find that if I stick to short phrases/sentences and say little, I'm usually okay.

naturgesetz: What siblings do you have, by sex and age? Where are you in the birth order?
I have two younger brothers: 20 and 18. I'm the oldest.

Steevo: Will you be out at med school and perhaps open to a having a BF?
I have a general policy of "If you don't ask, I won't tell." But I think I'll try to be more "out" in med school (though definitely not to my family - not yet). I might join a LGBTQIA (or whatever it is) med group on campus.

I'm totally open to having a bf (or gf). However, looking at the ridiculousness of my M1 class schedule might preclude this possibility. Anyone have advice on finding and maintaining a relationship when I have class from 8am till 5pm (straight) most days of the week, and will spend a significant chunk of my "free time" studying?

James: If you could have any super power, what would it be? And why?
This is a toss-up between two super powers: shapeshifting or self-cloning.

Shapeshifting would be cool because I turn myself into anyone or any creature. With shapeshifting I would never feel "trapped" in my own body, and can escape from it, in a sense. Also, it allows me to have aspects of other powers: speed (cheetah), flight (birds), strength (bear), etc.

Self-cloning I want because it would be SO useful. As you know, I have a tendency to over-extend myself a bit. So if there were 5 of me, I could be in 5 places at once and do 5 things at a time. Also, my clones would have shared experience - anything one does is transferred to the others. So one of me would be constantly working out, one of me constantly sleeping, one of me doing homework, one of me hanging out with friends, and one of me doing whatever else needs to be done. And, I would also have the ability to "consolidate" all my clones back into one me at will.

Landyn: How tall are you and what are some physical characteristics about you/your body?
I am 5' 7", I wish I were 3-4 inches taller. I'm currently 180 lbs (was 170 lbs a couple months ago), need to lose 30 lbs now, grrr (working on it!). Well, it's still better than the 195 lbs I used to weigh. I have straight black hair (but it turns brownish in the summer), and I have brown eyes and wear glasses. I wear medium gloves (in the lab) and size 9-9.5 shoes. I'm Asian, that should fill in the rest. :P

Are you ever planning on coming out?
Again, my current policy of "If you don't ask, I'm not telling." Though like I said above, hopefully more "out" in med school. I don't plan on being completely out until I'm 100% financially independent from my parents . . . which may be 4-8 years from now. o_O

When did you first realize about your "orientation", or rather, that you weren't "straight"?
Hmm, this is a tough question. I guess I started looking at guys a bit at the beginning of puberty, age 11-12. I guess I also kind of "half-forced" myself to look at girls too. Up through high school I didn't think much about it - there were a few girls I found attractive and a couple guys I thought were hot. I just pegged my attraction to guys as jealousy or envy, because they almost always had the body I wanted but didn't. So until I went off to university I didn't think much about my orientation - it was honestly the last thing on my mind. Then, starting my sophomore year of undergrad was when I faced myself and said, "Okay, you're not straight." It wasn't until I started this blog, really, that I seriously considered that statement. So where am I now? Still confused and unsure. Only one thing is for certain: I'm not straight. You can read more on this in 2 of my really old posts here and here.

What tv shows do you watch/enjoy, if any? What ones can you not stand, if any?
I love watching Heroes, House MD, How I Met Your Mother, and Top Chef. I also watch some anime such as Naruto Shippuuden, Bleach, and Fullmetal Alchemist. Shows that I can't stand are typically most reality TV shows, modeling shows, and really "girly" shows: e.g. American Idol, America's Next Top Model, Gossip Girls, Desperate Housewives, etc. I have, however, gotten somewhat into So You Think You Can Dance. I can only tolerate "stupid" humor in small amounts (such as Family Guy or South Park).

If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests?
Tests are testy, duh. XD Though to be more crude, I suppose I could've said tests are "testical," hahaha.

Edit: tracy: Realizing that your interests will probably change quite a bit during "Med Skool", what areas of Medicine currently interest you the most right now?
Right now I'm most interested in pediatrics, endocrinology, and medical genetics. I also find nephrology (kidneys) kind of cool. What I might do is specialize in pediatrics and then do a fellowship to further specialize in endocrinology and/or medical genetics within pediatrics. I kind of hope to work with genetic counselors some day. Unfortunately, pediatrics and medical genetics are pretty far down there on the doctor pay-scale. Oh well, at least pediatricians are in demand. :)


tracy said...

Loved your Q&A, Aek...i thought you would be "flooded" with questions, so, here's one from me.

Realizing that your interests will probably change quite a bit during "Med Skool", what areas of Medicine currently interest you the most right now? i love Medical "stuff"!

i missed you! :)

Anonymous said...

Self-cloning, hmm...I have never thought of that one. :)

naturgesetz said...

Once I was teaching an employee training class and during one of the tests, I happened to be outside the classroom, walking down the corridor, and one of the other instructors (female) came from the opposite direction. When she reached me she asked, "How are your testees doing?" I didn't have the presence of mind to answer, "I haven't had any complaints." (Apologies to Groucho Marx.)

Mike said...

Lots of interesting q and a's.
No girly shows?

Good times!

Jonathan said...

Haha, I would totally do the cloning thing too!

Interesting post, learned a few more things about you which is cool. Just wondering, you don't have to answer at all, but what medical school are you going to?


Aek said...

Mike: CSI is considered a girly show or something? o_O I like CSI: SVU. That's really the only one I watch, lol.

Jonathan: I'll be going to the Medical College of Wisconsin. Four more years of cold, brrr.

Jeremy said...

Eww that schedule looks icky :P

"If you don't ask, I won't tell."
That is pretty much how I am going to handle college I think... If someone asks I might say yes... I dunno it's only happened to me once :P

Yay heroes! How I Met Your Mother is funny too :D
Haha I like Desperate Housewives, it's actually pretty funny :P I guess that's my gayness showing hehe

Oooh I had to go to an endocrinologist for my thyroid. Actually I had blood drawn today :P
My last appointment is now June 29th, which, if the blood they took today shows consistent thyroid hormone levels with the last one, I am done with the medicine (yay).

Well this comment was long. Oh well :P


tracy said...

i think you got "converted" to pediatrics (they spell it with an extra a or e now, don't they?) when you went to China and saw all those adorable kids...why are the kids there sooo much cuter than here...? i think you addressed this, but i wonder... :) Why is it? i think it's 'cause they're Asian! Brillant, aren't i...?

Same reason Middle Eastern kids are cuter, i guess.

Aek said...

tracy: Nah, I always thought kids were cute and great to be around. I get along great with kids (better than some adults). The kids in China were cuter cuz they wore cuter clothes, haha. ^_^

tracy said...

You're a brave one, that's for sure...i don't think i could handle two patients at a time! :)

Yes, the clothes w e r e definately cuter...and so were the kids! :)

PS Just for fun, i took one of those "What Medical Specialty Should You Go In To"? tests...and Peds came out number!
My main interests (Internal Medicine=no money, Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry, came out in the top ten...) End ramble-

hellogenation said...



Usually shortened LGBT.

I'm waiting for them to add another letter. Any bets on what it is?

My policy: I am who I am and just am myself. I wear whatever feels comfortable for me and say what I feel like saying (except you know, OMG you're so hot! to a total stranger). I'm not that weird. I only tell people who ask, otherwise, I think it a non-issue.