Friday, February 26, 2010

Well, That Was a Good Run

Yes, it's one of those rare times that I begin with the tangent first because 1.) I don't want to forget, and 2.) it's that important.

First of all, I'd like to welcome Tim from life is my college (formerly A Story About a Boy and the Universe) back to the blogosphere. So please go to his (new-ish) blog and welcome him!!

Secondly, Edward and Landyn both lost their grandmas quite recently, on top of all the other crap they're dealing with. Please go over to their blogs and give them a hug, some condolences, and good thoughts.

This post is a bunch of disconnected thoughts . . . so bear with me. You've been warned. :-P
I've been doing quite a bit of running since Sunday. I upped my distance from 1mi to 2mi on Sunday, and then to 2.25mi on Wednesday (none of this including the walking distance flanking the run on either side for warm up/cool down). I've been pretty impressed with myself and my progress thus far, hehe. I was never really able to run more than 2mi at a stretch, max. Actually, at 2.25mi, my feet got kind of numb . . . so I took that as a sign to stop, even though my lungs were fine and (somehow) I didn't cramp up. Ah well, that was a good run. So yeah, I have to progress just a bit more steadily I think to prevent injury, lol. My legs haven't been AS sore as I feared they'd be.

Too bad I ate more slices of pizza than I should've in these last 2 days (and I was trying to control myself too). :-/ It'll balance out over the next week though, I'm pretty sure . . .
I talked to Jay online earlier this week. He's really hard to get a hold of!! I'm not sure if we're going to be able to get anywhere relationship-wise, and here's why:

Jay: I don't think our lifestyles are compatible, but I do think we would make great friends.
. . .
Jay: I think I would be too much of a party animal for you, and you would be too straight laced for me.

So yeah, that sounds pretty clear to me that we probably won't get much further than "just friends," at least not now. Ah well, that was a good run.
I am finally kind of sort of at/ever so slightly above average in some of my courses after the first block of exams this semester!

The average on neurosci was 93.18% and I got a 92.45% (close enough!). The average on cell & tissue bio (overall) was 88.91% and I got an 89.61%! Alas, my physiology exam wasn't so fortunate - average was 81.66% and I only got 76.25%. It was such a tough exam!! I tried harder for that class than the other two combined, lol. Ah well, that was a good run. (Seeing a pattern yet?)

It took so much studying effort. I'm hoping I can maintain this and/or do better on the next round of exams . . . in 2 weeks. o_O Fortunately, I have slightly more time to study for this upcoming round of exams, and I'm more caught up in classwork than last block. So hopefully I'll do better. :-)
Lastly, I just spoke with the MPH (Master's in Public Health) people here. Basically, the conclusion we came to was that it's probably best if I completed my MPH (in Hospital & Molecular Epidemiology) back at my original institution. The MPH program here is a very basic and broad program, whereas my original MPH is a very focused and "high powered" specialization, if you will. We pretty agreed upon that it's ideal if I could somehow finish my MPH in my original program.

If I were to finish my original MPH program, then I would be poised to really have a niche field within medicine - one that's growing in importance daily. I would have such great knowledge in genetics, epidemiology, infectious disease, and medicine. The impression they gave me was that there's no way that I can not finish my MPH, because they think it's so valuable for me to have. I'm inclined to believe them . . .

That said, we talked for a good 40-45 minutes on how I could achieve that. It's inevitable that I'd need to take a year off somewhere, either between M2 and M3 year, or between M4 year and internship (which I've been advised against from every physician I've talked to about this). One of them brought up an option that I didn't know existed: take a year off between my M3 and M4 year.

After mulling that option over, I've come to the conclusion that it'd probably be the best time for me to finish my MPH then. The reason why I don't want to do it between M2 and M3 year is because I'd be totally disconnect from my cohort of classmates for my clinical years. And I think I'll really need to rely on someone I at least recognize for emotional support if nothing else, lol. Someone to bond and commiserate with. :-P

So why between M3 and M4 year? Because I can do away rotations during my M4 year, and I'd be spending a month interviewing for residency slots anyway. So it's possible that I'd be away from my med school for months at a time; and if I'm doing an away rotation, I wouldn't know anyone at that other location anyway. Plus, it allows me to travel across the US a bit, and visit cities and places I otherwise might not. Also, I would be doing away rotations at institutions I'd consider applying to for residency programs, so this also lets me "scout" them out a bit before I decide.

I have friends scattered throughout the US. I'm sure I can find someone living near an away rotation whose place I can crash at for 1-2 months, lol. The ID specialist I shadowed did that his M4 year - he didn't have an apartment, he just did away rotations and bummed at his friends' places for 1-2 months at a time. And he really enjoyed that experience. So why not at least try?

Well, that could be a good run. A part of me wants to go back and finish my MPH program so badly, for multiple reasons.
Yeah, I know this post was all over the place and perhaps a bit off the wall, and certainly long. So to reward you for making it this far, I'd like to leave you with . . .


Earl Grey said...

Shame to hear about the bad fortune for our fellow bloggers... And about you and Jay... It seems feb isn't treating many people well...

Anonymous said...

Anon MD

The MPH in Madison is a pretty good program. I'd give it a second look...

Biki said...

How come you didn't finish your MPH already?

And it sounds like you got everything all figured out nice and neat! Good-o you!

and i knew you would do better than you thought on this round of tests...

naturgesetz said...

Congrats on all the good runs.

On the literal run, in addition to the congrats, I'd add just a small cautionary note not to do more than you need to for your health. Sports are dangerous. There are so many injuries it almost seems inevitable. So don't overdo.

On the MPH, it sounds as if you've got a well thought out plan. I hope it all works out.

The cartoon is sweet and poignant at the same time. I assume that's Calvin waving good-bye.

El Genio said...

I just started running again in Dec. and I have discovered a few things that make it a whole lot easier on my feet/legs/knees:

Shoes. I was running in 3 year old trail running shoes. Switching to knew shoes actually eliminated a specific pain in my left knee, and my feet hurt a lot less.

Running surface. I guess you're probably running in a gym, but if you are outside avoid concrete at all costs! Asphalt is a little better, but the ideal surface is a track or dirt trail, it really does make a big difference.

Ron said...

congratulations on your running, i'm sure you'll be able to continuously impress yourself if you place the effort into it. on that note i really need to get myself more exercise. not necessarily to thin down but to buff up -- need some of that!

and sorry to hear about Jay, but I'm sure he'll still be a good friend to hang around with. it usually ends up that way doesn't it? :/

and yeah i was thinking whether u might wanna consider doing it between m3 and m4..... btw i don't get how your med school does its grades. 92%? that's ridiculously high for my school. pretty much no one gets close to 80% on major tests and exams. and with stuff like anatomy the average is like 65%

take care


Aek said...

Earl Grey: Yeah, such things happen. At least we could still be friends?

Anon MD: No offense, but I've no intention of going to Madison to get my MPH. If/when I finish my MPH it'll be from my alma mater where I began it.

Biki: It's a long story. Basically, I was wait-listed for med school, got a deferred admissions, had a year to do something, so I decided to spend that year working towards my MPH.

naturgesetz: I think I'll be okay, running-wise. But thanks for your concern! I hope everything works out too.

El Genio: I have a pair of running shoes that're quite worn, and that I wore to anatomy lab all the time. I'm going to throw them out at the end of this semester probably. I run on a treadmill because it's still freezing outside, and there's no track. :-/

Ron: I reached 2.5 mi today! :-D I think it'd be easier for you to buff up than for me to slim down, honestly. And yeah, such things do always seem to happen to me (relationship-wise), grrr.

You must realize that my class is full of gunners/snipers. We've tended to do somewhat better than many classes before us, apparently. I think it's just how the exams are written . . . not that our exams are easy. >_>

. said...

Hey Aek, sorry I've been missing in the blogging community. I'll chat with you soon online or via blog. Sorry things didn't work out with Jay.

Mike said...

Those averages in your classes seem pretty high- am I wrong? Is it different because it is a doctoral program? Maybe I can't get past the fact that I hear about Ds and Fs being the standard and what everyone aspires for because of the ridiculously hard and crazy tests that some of the professors in the science fields give out here. Maybe I'm just thinking undergrad.

B. said...

I'm sorry to hear that about Jay, but never mind him, you should go out bit more to find someone else. He will probably come...

And don't worry about your exams, man, at least you passed them all. It's not that big deal, and believe me, when you finish your school, you won't even remember your marks and your percents. It will be all behind you and you will be very famous doctor :)