Monday, April 26, 2010

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Apologies for not updating in . . . 10 days?! It's been a hectic 2 weeks or so. 3rd block of exams finished last week. Neurosci and physiology as brutal as ever. Cell & tissue biology as easy as ever. Home stretch! Thankfully we're on endocrinology now in physiology, perhaps my favorite of the subjects (and I hear the professor teaching it is really good too!).

Last Wednesday I called a meeting with the outgoing LGBTPM board and those interested in becoming the new board. Kat was, surprisingly, very happy and relieved that I "stepped up" as the new president of the group. She was more than content being the treasurer of the group. Two other M1's also showed up - I designated one of them as secretary and the other as community chair. Now, we need to haul ass and really improve the group for the next academic year.

Later on Wednesday I also went to a meeting with all the other outgoing and incoming presidents/co-presidents of all the student groups. Harry, my co-president for APAMSA, had the funniest expression when he found out I was going to be president of LGBTPM. It was like he couldn't suppress his laughter and disbelief as he asked, "Wow, how did they single you out to be president?" Needless to say it was amusing.

On Friday I played basketball with my roommate and some friends again. It's been years since I last played, so I sucked (then again, pretty much everyone but Harry and my roommate sucked). I was so sore the next day, but less so than when I played the week previous. After that, my roommate and I went out for sushi before going to Harry's apartment to play beer pong. Neither of us wanted to play, but we had nothing else to do.

Beer pong at Harry's was . . . a mistake of sorts. There were only 5 of us there total, 4 of which were Asian. Us 4 Asians basically downed 24 of 30 beer cans (since my roommate and I lost a lot, we drank the majority of the beer). I was drunk enough to get into my "depressive state" which I hate (this is why I avoid drinking much). There's a sweet tipsy zone where I'm rather silly, loud, and easy to laughter. But just a little bit more tips me over into drunkenness where I just get depressed. They were quite taken aback by my depression, despite my warnings hours in advance that it'd happen. Once I was sober enough (around 2am or so), I drove my roommate and myself home. The next morning, my roommate and I woke up with slight hangovers, grrr. It wasn't too bad, but enough to be annoying.

We saw Kick-Ass with a few friends. It was a pretty good movie, it was exactly what I expected it to be (though the plot was somewhat different than what I thought it'd be). The main actor was kind of cute, in a dorky kind of way. Now that I looked him up, the main actor, Aaron Johnson, is English. Wow, props to any actor/actress who's able to flawlessly speak in a different accent (like Hugh Laurie in House MD). That's skill right there, perhaps even talent.

And that brings us to today-ish. I have a couple meetings to run for various student groups this week. I have to look at the agenda I set forth in the emails again . . . I realize I have to send out numerous email volleys and be kind of a hard-line in order to really get people to do stuff in a timely manner. And I still have to re-read the grant and project report again (for the who-knows-how-many'th time) some time before the meeting I'm holding tomorrow.

Lastly, remember Online Guy #2 (Drew)? Well, I messaged him out of the blue on that dating site just to say hi and such, not expecting a reply or anything. Surprisingly, he responded back fairly quickly!! Needless to say, perhaps a small bit of hope is reignited. :-) Btw, I've determined a new "screening system" when looking at guys' profiles on that site: automatically screen out the theater/dance majors. There are so many of them and they're all so alike! Not what I'm looking for, sorry.

Anyway, long update is rather long. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. And now I sleep.


Biki said...

These last two weeks sound totally jam packed, and it doesnt sound like things are going to ease up for you much in the coming weeks.

Beer pong! OMG there is no way that wouldnt leave me in any state but drunk! I can't hit anything sober, must less with any amount of beer on board!

Pilgrim said...

Hi there! Have looked up the link for the english version of my Celan poem, given by Martin? Propz Pilgrim

call.the.shots said...

wow! Aek drinking beer now? I wanna see Kick Ass, it seems like a funny movie. And LGBTPM? is that lesbian gay bisexual transgender... ? did u come out? did i miss that blog post!?

Ron said...

yeah i got depressed and sobbed with my friends hugging me outside the club on the street when i was drunk... it was lame and stupid when i think back to it, but yea it happens... a little thought can kinda trigger it tho i'll try to avoid it from now on

ah yeah i wanna watch kick ass so bad. and the new ironman 2 coming out soon. yes aaron johnson is cuuuuute i saw him in a brit movie (something something snogging, it was a shit chick flick).

but yeah about accents i can do the posh british one really well. and I'm pretty much good with Australian as well.

And of course my original n.american accent :) :)


Aaron said...

all u alcoholics. :P lol! i really cannot judge, but i have to say i had a really good experience playing beer pong. u guys have some of the best drinking games! good to hear from you again, Aek. :)

Anonymous said...

Discounting/filtering theater/dance majors is sort of using a stereotype. Dancers have to be damn athletic. Sure maybe many of them are kinda fem, but so what? Are you looking for friends or sex?

Or is it really just an excuse to avoid something you are not so sure about yet? Which is fine, just wondering...

So as pres of that gay group are you out?

Aek said...

Biki: Things are always pretty jam packed. That's just how things roll.

Pilgrim: No, I haven't had the chance yet. :-/

c.t.s: Nope, you didn't miss anything. :-P And "Kick-Ass" is pretty worth watching, imo.

Ron: Yeah, alcohol does weird things. It's something to be careful with. I'm kinda ambivalent towards the new "Ironman 2" movie.

Aaron: Lol, no judging. :-P Sign online so we can chat more!

Anon.: I'm not stereotyping them for being fem. It's just on those profiles I see, that seems to be all they are, and I just want someone with more diverse interests. Nothing wrong with dance/theater, it's just that I feel like we wouldn't have enough in common to be worth chatting about. Now, instrumental music is a different story. :-P

The last 3 presidents of the LGBTPM group were straight, to the best of my knowledge. So just because I'm president doesn't mean I "came out," though it'd be convenient if such a situation were to come up.