Friday, April 16, 2010

Overworked Bitch Goddess

Harry: My perfect [breast] size is C. Like a small-mid sized C. D's are just way too fukn big. Like "Holy cow, I can't even hug u big."

That quote's not related to anything, I just found it amusing how it came up while we gchat'd.
So I was chatting with Michelle earlier today, and it seems neither of her roommates like me. I honestly have no idea what I did to offend them, because I've barely interacted with either of them. Roommate #1 apparently thinks I have a "know it all" attitude and that I should never be allowed to have patient contact (and more than that, she thinks I shouldn't go into peds). And Roommate #2 has no respect for me and thinks I should never have gotten into med school. Again, I've barely had any interactions with either of them and I've been nothing but polite/cordial with my the vast majority of my classmates. Also, they've been pretty polite back to me in public. Ugh, why can't people just show their true intentions/feelings to my face instead of this "fake niceness?" Sigh, the drama. :-/

Later I was also chatting with Michelle's bf, Lee. After a while I told him that I may be working with Roommate #2 (who I'll call Kat) on the exec board of a student group (I'll get back to the issue with her later). He asked which student group and I told him the LGBT one. He was surprised (I don't blame him) but was very "whatever" about it, like he is about pretty much everything that's not poker or Starcraft 2, lol. We talked a bit about the severe lack of LGBT health issue awareness and training amongst med students, and here's what he had to say about that:

Lee: [Regarding LGBT health issues] No offense to some of our classmates, a lot of people could use the wake-up call. :-P

That's my sentiment exactly, hehe. We've had no training or even mention of LGBT health issues throughout all of M1 year thus far, and I don't expect we will. I've heard from the M2's that they cut out (or will be cutting out) a small group discussion/module that focused on LGBT stuff during our M2 year. What little education might remain will likely be lumped into the "Psychiatry" or "Behavioral Sciences" course, together with fetishes, pedophilia, etc (at least, that's how it used to be years ago, I don't know if it's still true today).

Lee also mentioned how he doesn't know anyone in our class who's openly "out" (little does he know, lol). But I put it into perspective: why would anyone come out in med school? The rather conservative atmosphere of med schools isn't conducive to one coming out, especially if there's the slightest chance that it'd negatively affect one's career down the road. Furthermore, once someone comes out, it no longer matters what else they are. For example, they'd become "the gay guy" and any other defining thing about that person is wiped clean. Who wants to be "that gay guy" anyway? No one.

So yeah, I do want to make the LGBT group more visible and more applicable to the student body, as I can almost guarantee all doctors will run into a LGBT patient at some point in his/her career. The question is: how? I have a few ideas, but I want to expand further - and that I don't know how.

The outgoing president pretty much did indeed designate me as the future president of that group, I just confirmed. The only thing is, Kat is also really interested in being involved in the group. She was telling Michelle earlier today that she feels like she's going to be the only one on the exec board and will single-handedly improve the LGBT group, she feels that strongly. Except, once Michelle told me some of her ideas, I noticed that they're almost all doomed to failure.

It's going to be rough working with Kat. She wants that leadership power, and I don't want to give it to her because she'll use it to dominate the rest of the exec board (all potentially 3 of us). Funny thing is that she doesn't know I've been designated as the president of the LGBT group, so she really thinks she's the only one. She'll also be the president of 2 other student groups, treasurer of 2 more student groups, and a chair for a student group. To add one more presidency to that list would make her implode with stress, especially M2 year (at least, it'd implode me). Michelle is rather fed up living with her, because everything has to go her way. If not, she apparently becomes a total bitch. This kind of makes me want to be president even more, to "contain" her bossiness.

Sigh, so much drama before anything's even started! What to do, what to do, what to do?! I hope she'll at least be cooperative and polite to my face, otherwise the group will collapse. But again, hard to say as she seemingly has no respect for me and thinks I shouldn't even be here. Oh, and she wants to go into ob/gyn (because according to Michelle, she dislikes men). See the comic below under "ob/gyn" (original source here):Oh, and also look under the "Neurology" panel. That's exactly what I think about neurology. So much knowledge, so little ability to help.


Ron said...

that's unfortunate US med schools have a more conservative attitude. here in Australia (at least the med school i go to), pretty much everyone is open-minded about it. there may be a few that feel uncomfortable with it, but they don't pull their classmates down. but as for coming out in the 'workplace' (wards, to physicians, healthcare staff, etc) that's a bit of another matter. there's no need to come out to them anyway. but as for classmates, most of them know of a gay couple in my class and they're cool with it. i cannot say the same for the rest of the population, but Australian youth that do attend tertiary education handle it better than some rural outback person that's gonna be working in trade or farming or something (no offense to those that do, just my perception so far)

Anonymous said...

Do you WANT me to cut you? Cause I'll do it! - LMAO! I also like the Spongebob bandaides. :]

Well, I think the two girls are, for lack of better words, bitches. I mean, I will acknowledge one thing, you CAN have a "know it all" (or, more commonly, a "I'm never wrong") attitude. However, that hardly singles you out from most of the population. Also, it is not that you are that way ALL the time, it is only that it is a character flaw that many people including myself deal with.

In addition to that, I see no reason why you shouldn't be in medicine or pediatrics. You like medicine, and you work with kids even better. From an outsider's perspective, the childhood doctors that obviously loved seeing me and interacting with me were the best ones in the world. And I think you are trying your hardest to set yourself up as that kind of doctor.

So, ignore the bitches. And give yourself big hugs from the rest of us. :]

Mike said...

AY! At least the year is almost over with your roommates?

B said...

Neurology's the specialty that I find most interesting, but you're right . . . there's not much you can do for a lot of neurological disorders.

Anonymous said...

Old med school joke:

What's the difference between the internist, surgeon, psychiatrist and pathologist? The internist knows everything and does nothing, the surgeon does everything and knows nothing, the psychiatrist knows nothing and does nothing, and the pathologist knows everything and does everything, but by the time the case gets to her, it's too late.

Anon MD

. said...

Hey Aek, been catching up on the blog reading. I liked your last entry about GLBT issues in medicine. I agree, there probably isn't enough out there about that but also it's tough to know how to direct more energy toward it without being discovered yourself.

Have a great week!!

Aek said...

Ron: Yeah, US med schools are rather conservative. It's kind of shocking at first really. :-/

James: Lol, thanks. :-)

Mike: They're not my roommates. They're Michelle's roommates. I rather like my roommate. :-)

B: Hehe, neurosci is pretty interesting. But it's frustrating that you can know so much about what goes wrong and can't really do much to help. :-/

Anon MD: You've told me that before . . . >_>

.: Thanks. But who said I've anything to hide really? People can talk, I don't care. The previous pres of the LGBTPM group was straight. Just how things go.