Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bar Crawl

To prove that I'm not always locked in my apartment studying (actually, I think I don't study nearly enough), I went to the annual med student bar crawl. :-) It's for the M1s and M2s to mix and chat.

My roommate paid to go but he lamely backed out and decided to go home for the weekend (he lives about an hour south of the med school). Apparently he doesn't like bars much and large groups of people tire him out. I think he's just being lazy and antisocial. -_-

Alright, before I go any further, I realize after typing up most of this post that it's going to get really confusing unless I create names for people I'm going to talk about. So . . . the cast of characters for this post are (all names are changed):

Aiden: white guy
Alex: Asian guy
Carson: married guy
Leslie: anatomy lab-mate
Michelle: MD/PhD gal

Anyway I met up with Carson and Alex in front of the med school (Aiden and Michelle soon joined us) and we all walked to the first house. We get there and go around back to the backyard. It was pretty dark so I could only make out people's silhouettes for the most part. Same thing goes for my rum and coke - no idea how strong I actually made it (it tasted strong). Note: it's been months since I've had any hard liquor, and quite some time since I last really drank anything alcoholic - so I could feel the effects pretty quickly, but I'm not a light-weight. I can stay in that "pre-tipsy" and "tipsy" stage for quite a while before getting drunk. We all stood around chatting and drinking a bit, wandered around and talked to some M2s. I make some vodka and Sprite drink (again in the dark, and it tasted stronger than I'd like). Then suddenly a cop shows up telling everyone that someone called concerning the noise we were making. o_O The M2s who organized the bar crawl had talked to all the neighbors in the immediate vicinity and they were all cool with it; however, the M2s didn't anticipate people 2 blocks down from hearing the noise we were making.

So to avoid a noise violation and ticketing, the party broke up in half and half of us went to the second house a bit early. We hung around out back and inside the house. I found Leslie there - she had arrived late and just gone directly to the second house. It was nice seeing her. We stood around and chatted some more, lol. Then we chatted up some of the Asian M2s (or rather they sought us out and chatted us up). One of them talked briefly about her Little Sib (the M2s are the Big Sibs to the M1s) and how she was such a gunner. This Little Sib wants to be a plastic surgeon, so yeah, she's a gunner. They're so funny. :-)

After this we went to the first bar (otherwise it's not a bar crawl). Michelle decided to stay behind at the house for a bit longer. There were already quite a number of other med students by the time we got there. Thankfully we found a place to sit. Carson mentioned something like 2/3 of our class is married (he studies with 3 other daddies). I hope that's an exaggeration but even if it's remotely that high, it still makes me sad. He had to leave around 11pm, which was unfortunate - but his wife was sick and she had work at like 7am this morning.

Soon after he left, we made our way (slowly) to the second bar. I found Leslie again, who we had lost on our way to the first bar. Some M2 guy was flirting with her for a little bit big time. When he was engaged in convo with someone else, we chatted a bit. Apparently she joined the LGBTPM student group as well and, like me, had to miss the first meeting. So here we were, sitting at a bar crawl, wondering what the next event for that group is and when it's going to be. Leslie joined Aiden, Alex, and I on our way to the second bar. Leslie and I had our arms locked (I think she might've been a tad tipsy, and high heels don't help) and we were somewhat flirting and commenting how much we love our anatomy lab group - how everyone gets along so well, how we all enjoy going into lab with each other, how we're all so laid back yet driven to get the work done, etc. Too bad she has a boyfriend.

We get to the second (and last) bar and it's packed. For whatever reason people decided to skip one of the bars. Being a small small town just outside a major city, there weren't a lot of bars to hang out at within walking distance. We quickly lose Leslie as she veered off in some random direction. Then Aiden and I lost Alex in the dense crowd, haha. Michelle was supposed to meet up with us again at the first bar. However, she ended up nursing this poor Asian guy for two hours who drank 15 shots of vodka or something within an hour and was vomiting all over the backyard of the second house. So . . . I never saw her again that night.

I wandered and wove my way through people, looking for a drink. And I found Leslie again with the M2 from the first bar who was flirting with her. He got her a drink (which she then handed to me). She went outside to take a call and I met back up with Aiden. We were standing next to . . . I'll call her Kat, a Filipina girl who's one of Aiden's anatomy lab-mates. She was being hit on by like, 3 guys because she really dressed up for the event. We chatted a bit and I met some new people in the process (my med school class is so big that there are still people in my class who I've never seen before). Someone bought a pizza and offered me a slice. :-)

Then Alex wandered back to us, somehow. He went outside briefly and met Michelle, who relayed to him the story of why she wasn't able to meet up with us. Outside I met Leslie again, who just got off her phone. She went inside, disappeared into the crowd, and came back with her friend and this fruity drink that I don't even know what it's called. After a while Alex and I decided to head back, so we said good night to Aiden and left the bar at like 1:30am.

Alex hadn't drank anything for about 2 hours, so he was more or less sober by the time we got to my apartment. I had offered to let him crash at my place if he wasn't up for driving, but he insisted that he was fine now. I was still a bit tipsy and would remain so until I went to bed. Alex was starving, so I quickly fixed him up a chicken fajita-like wrap as he played on the PS3 a bit. When he finished, I asked him again if he was sure he was sober enough to drive and he said he was. So with that he left.

So that was my night. I didn't end up going to bed until about 2:30am but I slept so well (as I usually do after drinking some alcohol). It was a lot of fun. I kind of wished I branched out even more and met more people other than the clusters of people I already kind of knew, but whatever. The M2 guy who principally organized the whole event was pretty cute I decided after a few drinks, but I didn't get a chance to talk to him through the throngs of med students. Oh well.

And now I must study because I'm so so so behind. >.<


Jason Carwin said...

"She was being hit on by like, 3 guys because she really dressed up for the event."

That's my favorite sentence. lol. Did she dress slutty or something or was she just nicer looking than everyone else?

Aek said...

Jason: Pretty much everyone wore their bar crawl T-shirts. She actually dressed up in a nice strapless top and a black skirt with heels and makeup. So not slutty (imo), but definitely dressed up for the occasion.

Anonymous said...

Kill that poor liver at such a young age. :P "Tipsy"....riiiiiiiiight

Anonymous said...

I had a feeling there was a real life going on there....

Anonymous said...

Forget the liver, think Wernicke's, cardiomyopathy, and lots of fat. Alcohol's good for so much more than pickling the liver. Though it will do that, too.

Mike said...

Yay for bar hopping! Sounds like a lot of fun. Alcohol is the glue to my world. Well, maybe, but no. Glad you got out and got to have some fun with friends from school and relax.

And someone was concerned about having no time for friends and stuff? haha... lol...

tracy said...

Through the "thongs" of medical students??? Hee, hee. Please, someone get my mind outta the gutter!

Aek said...

James: My liver will be fine. :)

Anonymous: I don't drink nearly enough for any of that to happen. I hope. >.>

tracy: Lol, where did you read that? I wrote "thRongs" of med students. XD

Anonymous said...

Doctors who barhop. I love it. lol. Glad your having some drunken fun.

Sexually Confused said...

Nice night... Bit crazy. I love when crazy stuff happen... I probably need to blog more about my nights out. They sometimes can be crazy and "foggy" :P