Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Gall!

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Now, to the meat of this post. Yesterday (Friday), a girl in my class sent me a Facebook message. This is what it read:


I am going to make the appointment to have my car repainted on Tuesday morning and was wondering if you could pay me this weekend. The total will be $396, including tax. You can put the check under my door (apartment XXX)


My reply:
Hi G,

I would like to clarify a couple things:

First, while I empathize with your situation, I do not feel it is fair for me to pay for the scratches on your car. I was not in my car, my car was not in your space, and you could have asked me to move prior to you incurring the scratches if you had any doubts about getting into your own spot. Furthermore, both my car and the pillar were stationary; thus, it was the driver’s responsibility to avoid them and I am not at fault.

Second, I'm not sure why you are asking me to pay for damages when I didn't incur them on your car. I had always been within the lines of my spot. It's true that on occasion the car to my left was slightly over the line into my spot, causing me to park closer to my right line (but still within my lines). If you had any doubts about getting into your own spot safely, you could have talked to me and asked me to preemptively move my car, which I would've gladly complied. In this way, this current situation would never have happened.

I hope you can understand my perspective on this issue.

Seriously?! A message like that via Facebook?! The gall! That's not classy at all. The supposed incident as described above happened about 2 weeks ago. Last week she confronted me in the parking garage under our apartment complex about this. She thought it was fair for me to pay for 75-100% of the cost of the scratches that she made on her car. I wasn't going to negotiate right there and then because her step-mom was also present next to her.

Now, I've consulted numerous friends and all of them, without fail, have told me that I shouldn't pay. Even one of my friend's dad, a lawyer, tells me that I should only pay 10-15% at most to keep the peace if I felt compelled to pay something. But after that Facebook message - and what read to me as a sense of entitlement to the payment - I won't give over even a cent.

The aftermath of all this has been pretty calm. She hasn't responded to my reply and she hasn't otherwise confronted me yet. Hopefully she sees my point and how ridiculous it is for her to ask for payment concerning something I didn't do. And I hope she leaves me alone. But I'm bracing myself for the imminent hatred that'll now radiate from her towards me. Whatever.
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Manu said...

don't pay her a damn

naturgesetz said...

Did she scratch your car in the process? If so, she's the one who should be paying you!

Anonymous said...

She's a cheap bastard that's just trying to get someone else to cover her money mistakes. You were a convenient victim given the circumstances. I'm glad you're not giving in.


Her asking for payment is even more rediculous than asking over facebook. SMH

Stephen Chapman... said...

I love the line: "both my car and the pillar were stationary"

Biki said...

What a totally classless woman. If nothing else couldnt she be bothered to put a note under your door? The cynic in me is wondering if perhaps she needs money? Have you seen these scratches? Are they new? I've known people who collect money for having their car painted.....and never ever do! Just a heads up, to have the scratches checked before you fork over a dime!

Mind Of Mine said...

Is she crazy!

Seth said...

I'm ROFL over the "Furthermore, both my car and the pillar were stationary; thus, it was the driver’s responsibility to avoid them" LOL

She sounds like a total dou*chebag if I may say pardon my french.

Don't give in!!

Ron said...

I admire her thought processes.

So let's say some stranger parked his car into her spot, "illegally"

*light bulb, ding!*

"Oh, someone's in my spot. I'll just ram my car into his and make him pay for EVERYTHING!"

Serious props to her. Rare to find this sorta thing.


Mike said...

WTF? She just seems out for money.
I'd tell her to deal with it through her insurance company.

Aek said...

naturgesetz: No, my car is totally unharmed.

James: I believe she thought she could walk all over me. She must be pissed that I showed some backbone.

TOY: Yeah . . .

Biki: She's the queen of passive-aggressive, it seems. I have seen the scratches, but I've no way of telling if they're new or not.

Seth: Yeah, she's definitely one of those people that I "hold at arm's length" when I met her.

Ron: I would also find this amusing, if it didn't happen to me. :-/

Mike: My hunch is that she doesn't want to tell her insurance company for fear that her rates might go up, or that she gets denied or something.